Sunday April 19, 2015

There's No Such Thing as an Ambivert

The term "ambivert" was popularized by Dan Pink in 2013, in an article on leaders and sales. The word operates in the same colloquial universe of definitions in which introverts are shy and retiring and extroverts (usually spelled with an o) are loud and outgoing.

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Tuesday March 31, 2015

The 6 Stages of Technology

These were originally presented in a talk by Stu Feldman, given at a USENIX conference in approximately 1988 or so...

A "technology" can be anything: software, a technique, a process, a document, a product...

(I think Stu originally had only 5 stages. Either what I have numbered 0 was missing or 2 and 3 were combined. I think this is more accurate.)

I've had this posted on my web site for years, but never put it into my blog. I think it will be easier to locate if it's here.

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Monday March 16, 2015

EEG from the Other Side of the Table

Image 3 As I previously described, I had my brain activity scanned and mapped last June as part of Dario Nardi's neuroscience and personality study. I had a wonderful time, but I had to wonder what the experience was like on the other side of the desk.

Although Dario had taken a few pictures of the computer screen while my scan was in progress, that wasn't quite the same as seeing the process in action. I really wanted a chance to observe a scanning session.

So, when Dario brought his equipment to the Bay Area this past weekend and offered brain scanning sessions to members of BAAPT, I asked if it would be all right for me to attend and watch as long as the person wearing the EEG cap agreed. Dario said yes, I asked a fellow BAAPT member (Ellen), who said "Sure!" and we were set.

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My Brain on a T-shirt

T shirtZazzle235884663154523784

In June, 2014, I had my brain activity mapped as part of Dario Nardi's neuroscience of personality study.

When I heard that Dario would be returning to speak at our March 2015 BAAPT meeting, I knew what I wanted to do. Each month, I try to choose a t-shirt from my collection that best reflects the topic of that month's program. For March, I wanted a shirt that featured my brain map!

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Friday March 6, 2015

Fair Use?

PSA: Avoid

I thought use of a cartoon, with full attribution on an unpublicized personal page constituted "fair use".

Cartoon Stock disagrees.

Fair enough.

But without first offering me a chance to take the cartoon down or pay for a license, they sent a threatening letter insisting on a "settlement penalty". My attempt to settle amicably (by suggesting that I pay the licensing fee for past use and/or immediately take down the cartoon) was met first with silence, then with a form letter after I tried again to contact them. My response to the form letter received the identical form letter again. I guess no one is home.

Apparently, Cartoon Stock's "License Compliance Services" employees have nothing better to do than to go after private individuals on backwater unpublicized pages. They're certainly not spending their time answering their email.

I'll pay their penalty fee, but it comes with a cost to them: this post.


By my reading of the 7 U.S. Code ยง 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use, this blog post itself would definitely count as fair use, being for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting..., however, I do not trust the robots at, so I will link to their 'toon rather than uploading it.

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Sunday February 8, 2015

People Leave Managers

Axiom: People join companies, but leave managers

We had dinner with a friend last night. She was feeling the relief that comes from having made, and accepted, a major decision. She's giving notice at her job on Monday. Her manager has been creating a hostile work environment.

It probably would not be considered "hostile" in the actionable sense. There's no discrimination of a protected class involved. In a cruel plot twist, an equal-opportunity Bad Boss is, in most cases, just a bad boss, at least in terms of possible repercussions.

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Thursday January 8, 2015


The best place to be in an earthquake is where you can say "What was that?"
-- Rick & Ruby, 1970s comedy group

I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since Sept. 1984. I've noticed several small earthquakes and one large (the Loma Prieta, in 1989). Earthquakes are "normal" here.

Buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. We don't always succeed; every quake is different. But every time we have one, the earthquake safety code is updated and construction is improved for the next time. We know there will be a next time.

We have earthquakes in California. California has had 133 earthquakes (measuring M1.5 or greater) in the past 7 days, 547 in the past month. We "know" earthquakes here. They're as familiar as thunderstorms in Georgia.

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