Thursday August 4, 2016

Time to SOAR

I presented a two-hour workshop on Temperament and Communication for SOAR for Youth in July.

"SOAR for Youth offers an intensive and innovative program to serve some of the most vulnerable members of our community: foster youth. In community partnership with UC Berkeley and with support from many volunteers, partners, and donors, SOAR fosters the inspiration, confidence, and independence that are often missing from the lives of these young people."
"Through a three-year summer residential pre-collegiate program and additional years of academic support, SOAR teaches, coaches, and counsels our young people (grades 6 -12) in academics, life skills, leadership, emotional intelligence, and career development."

These third-year students had attended a "True Colors" temperament workshop last year. The program director wanted a deeper look, this year, into how knowledge of temperament can be applied to communication.

I've been working with Mary Miscisin's Personality Lingo system (based on True Colors and enhanced in several ways). A fellow BAAPT member, who has worked with SOAR, contacted me about teaching this workshop.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to talk to the students.

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Tuesday January 5, 2016

Telecommuting May Perpetuate Increased Telecommuting

A Twitter friend shared a NYT article, yesterday, entitled Telecommuting Can Make the Office a Lonely Place, a Study Says. The <meta description...> tag on this article is "New research finds that off-site work can disrupt teamwork, alienate people who remain in the office and perpetuate increased telecommuting."


Another article about the same survey, published late last year in Business News Daily, is entitled Is Having Too Many Remote Workers Bad for Business?

Is having "too many" remote workers bad for business? I think the answer is... no. It may be "lonely" for some, but I see nothing in either article to indicate that increased remote work is bad for business. Many companies have made remote teams a cornerstone of their business model.

I'm afraid that my sympathy for this study is essentially non-existent. Also, I want the name of the unnamed "Fortune 100 Company in Silicon Valley" (singular) on which the study was based.

I want to apply for a job. ...
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Tuesday December 22, 2015

Happy Holidays (or What's in a Name?)

hol·i·day noun - a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.
characteristic of a holiday; festive.

etymology - Old English hāligdæg ‘holy day.’

Happy holiday tree

A group I'm in has been planning a holiday message to send to our members. After several iterations, one member commented that she thought the design was "still too religious". The member is Jewish.

I wasn't going to argue, but personally, I don't see religion here. What I do see is an assumption... an assumption that irks me. ** ...
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Tuesday May 5, 2015

Watching Temperament Play Out Over Coffee Cups

One of my interests is Personality Type and Temperament. I also like Starbucks Frappucinos.

You wouldn't think these two things would intersect, but, recently, I realized that they do. They come together in the form of the precious and controversial Trenta cup.

Read my commentary...

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Monday March 16, 2015

EEG from the Other Side of the Table

Image 3 As I previously described, I had my brain activity scanned and mapped last June as part of Dario Nardi's neuroscience and personality study. I had a wonderful time, but I had to wonder what the experience was like on the other side of the desk.

Although Dario had taken a few pictures of the computer screen while my scan was in progress, that wasn't quite the same as seeing the process in action. I really wanted a chance to observe a scanning session.

So, when Dario brought his equipment to the Bay Area this past weekend and offered brain scanning sessions to members of BAAPT, I asked if it would be all right for me to attend and watch as long as the person wearing the EEG cap agreed. Dario said yes, I asked a fellow BAAPT member (Ellen), who said "Sure!" and we were set. ...
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My Brain on a T-shirt

T shirtZazzle235884663154523784

In June, 2014, I had my brain activity mapped as part of Dario Nardi's neuroscience of personality study.

When I heard that Dario would be returning to speak at our March 2015 BAAPT meeting, I knew what I wanted to do. Each month, I try to choose a t-shirt from my collection that best reflects the topic of that month's program. For March, I wanted a shirt that featured my brain map! ...
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Wednesday December 3, 2014


I love brass music. From 4th through 12th grade, I played the cornet in school. I stopped playing when I graduated from High School, but I love the sound of brass instruments, trumpets and cornets in particular.

Rich and I have been going to a lot of guitar showcases, house concerts, larger concerts, over the past year or so. I like guitar too, to listen to, but, as I told Rich, I feel that if I've seen one guitar I've seen them all (aside from the wood and inlays of course).

In any case, one of the places we've discovered for musical entertainment is the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. They offer a multitude of performances, many free.

Last night's concert was the SFCM Brass Department Recital. Yeay Brass! ...
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Friday October 17, 2014

Hello Ello

I recently joined Ello. It's still in Beta, by invitation, but gaining users (and features). I'm enjoying it.

I especially like the mix of Twitter-like discovery and non-reciprocal following with FB-style conversation threads. Most of the early users of Ello are designers, artists, photographers and writers. It has a very creative feeling.

Every time I discover (and sign up for) a new Social Media platform, I ask myself "What will I use this one for?". I already use Twitter (short status), Facebook (longer status, discussions), and (occasionally) Google+ (more technically-oriented posts). What can Ello add for me?

I've decided to let the early adopters drive the meaning. I am using Ello for photos, non-technical discussion, sharing, essays, and short creative writing. That may change, over time, but it's a good fit for me at this time. ...
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Saturday July 19, 2014

My Brain on EEG

I'm a Science Geek. I've loved Science, of all kinds, for as long as I can remember. I majored in Science from High School on and got my University degree in Microbiology (although I work with computers). In College, I also discovered Psychology and participated in as many Psych labs as I could, whether for extra credit or not.

I love learning about how the brain works. When Rich and I discovered Jeff Hawkins' book, On Intelligence, we purchased additional copies to give or lend to friends and family.

in 1994, I discovered the MBTI and I've been fascinated by it ever since. So, you might guess that I want to learn everything I can when science, brain studies, and the MBTI intersect! Or, as Dario Nardi put it:

Ah, the magic of Type + neuroscience... :-)
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Thursday May 15, 2014

Aim for the Gold

Archery is the only sport I've ever loved. I took fencing, bowling, riflery, and pistol classes in college Phys Ed and I enjoyed them all, but archery was by far my favorite. I've loved it since I first tried it, in 6th grade. I was on the Archery Team for four years in college.

But, until today, it had been a Very Long Time (25 years or more, easily) since I last picked up a bow (in real life, that is; I shoot regularly in my dreams. ;-)

Today I spent a very happy hour doing something I used to do three nights a week... shooting arrows at targets.

I'm feeling happy, contented, and surprisingly energized right now. ...
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Tuesday March 26, 2013

Synergy: MBTI, the WWW, and Me

A Long Time Ago, in a World Now Far Far Away...

In 1993 I was introduced to two tools that had a profound effect on the direction my work and interests would take. The first of these was the World Wide Web (WWW). I wasn't certain, at first, how useful it would be. (:-) But within a few months, I was hooked. Still, I didn't realize how important the WWW would be to me in the years ahead.

The second tool was the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I was hooked on that from the first encounter. But again, I had no idea of the scope of knowledge and sheer enjoyment this would bring with time. ...
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Friday March 22, 2013

Lyons to Lot: a Landmark Vanishes


The former San Bruno Lyons restaurant is... gone. As of today, it's a vacant lot.

It was something of a landmark. Lyons restaurants dated from the late 50s to mid 60s. Lyons used to be a popular 24-hour coffee-shop restaurant in this part of California. We ate there often before the chain folded back in the '90s. ...
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Sunday February 10, 2013

Emotional Intelligence and Type

Yesterday, I attended a workshop entitled "Linking Type and Emotional Intelligence for Effectiveness". The workshop was presented by Roger Pearman for BAAPT (the Bay Area Association for Psychological Type). (Flyer)

In the morning, we learned the basics of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

"The role of emotions in cognition is pervasive and ubiquitous. Perception and judgement in all its forms are affected by emotional tonalities and reactions.

Psychological type plays an essential role in understanding the emotional triggers for each individual as well as the strategies for self-management."

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Wednesday December 26, 2012

The MBTI is Nothing Like Astrology

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but I haven't had the right nudge until now. But today, someone gave me that nudge.

Every now and then, someone blathers about the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) being no better or worse than Astrology. The articles make for amusing punditry, but they miss an important point.

Continue reading in commentary.

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Tuesday June 5, 2012

Pinterest Explained

Recently in Twitter, someone asked:

... could somebody explain Pinterest to me? I literally do not understand what I'm looking at.

There were several replies, mostly suggesting that it's largely used by women to save pictures of their imaginary lives or their dream weddings. The original poster also added:

...Ordinarily I scoff at the very idea that the UI of a service could have a gender bias, but with Pinterest it seems true.
It's not true. That's certainly what some people use Pinterest for but that doesn't "explain Pinterest". ...
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Sunday August 21, 2011

My Name is Me

(Posted under the category, Supporters at My Name is Me. The site supports your freedom to choose the name you use on social networks and other online services.

My name is Vicki. That's not the name on my birth certificate or how the IRS knows me. It _is_ the name my mother gave me.

My mother didn't give her daughters a name and then call us by a shortened version. She gave us each a name as well as a longer "formal" name to use for things like banks and taxes.

Which is my "real name"? For me, it's not the one on my driver's license. ...
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Sunday January 18, 2009

Why I love Twitter

The Inauguration of our 44th US President is on Tuesday (Yes We Can!) and I have been enjoying a front-row seat at several events this weekend. Well, maybe not exactly the front row, but close. Sort of.

In Real Life, I'm in California, a place where water will not freeze if you accidentally leave it out over night. Yet, through the eyes and "tweets" of folks such as Chris Sacca, Ana Marie Cox, Erin Kotecki Vest, and others, I am virtually in Washington, D.C. this weekend. ...
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Thursday October 30, 2008

Does Your Vote Count?

A friend once told me a disturbingly educational story:

He grew up and went to college in a predominately liberal state. But that state consistently elected a Republican governor, etc. It wasn't for lack of trying. The liberal majority tried too hard.

While most of the "other side" voted for the Republican candidate, the majority of the voters split their votes: Democratic, Libertarian, Independent, Green, Pink, and Purple... A simple majority decided the winner. And the real majority lost every time.

More recently, I heard someone say "I know Barack Obama will win, but I'm voting for the Independent candidate. I don't like the 2-party system.". I'm annoyed and unhappy with this person. As far as I'm concerned, she might as well write in the name of the family dog... or her own name. ...
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Saturday October 18, 2008

No on 8

I generally keep politics, religion, and similar subjects out of my blog. But sometimes, it's more important to say something.

Special interests outside California are trying to put discrimination into our state constitution. Proposition 8 is unfair, unnecessary and wrong. Nearly every major newspaper in California, and groups representing teachers, nurses, seniors, business and labor, oppose Proposition 8.

If you live in California, please join us in November to ensure that Proposition 8 becomes nothing more disturbing than a bad memory. Find out more.


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Saturday September 6, 2008

What I Love About Twitter

Last night, we were having dinner with friends at a local Chinese restaurant. Toward the end of the meal, I thought I felt the table... shift... slightly. Maybe? Small quake?

I told myself to check the 'Net when I got home. Then I forgot all about it. Until I was reading my Twitter stream today, catching up. ...
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Thursday December 6, 2007

Jelled Teams

The excerpt below is from Peopleware, by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. Peopleware is one of my favorite, must-read, oft-recommended books. (I'm not alone in this recommendation; see Joel Spolsy's Book Reviews.)

I've had the pleasure and satisfaction of working in a Jelled Team. They're special. They're rare. They're endangered...

We tend to use the word team fairly loosely in the business world, calling any group of people assigned to work together a “team”. But many of these groups just don’t seem like teams. They don’t have a common definition of success or any identifiable team spirit. Something is missing. What is missing is a phenomenon we call jell.
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Monday October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day 2007

What would happen if every blog published posts on the same topic, on the same day?
One issue. One day. Thousands of voices.


Today is Blog Action Day

On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future.

As of this posting, 19,739 bloggers have registered. Bloggers are asked to participate in three ways:

  1. Post on your blog relating to the environment
  2. Donate your day’s earnings to an environmental charity
  3. Promote Blog Action Day around the web

I can't afford to donate a day's earnings; however, I did make a donation today to the National Wildlife Federation. ...
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Tuesday October 9, 2007

Twittering: Who, What, and Why

Shortly after I posted my recent entry on Twitter, I sent notes to various e-list groups I read regularly, asking if any of the members use Twitter. A former co-worker replied thusly to my inquiry:

Haven't used Twitter... I think these services are kinda silly. Who cares what I had for lunch today?

Well, that depends. Was it a particularly good lunch? Perhaps at a new and interesting restaurant you would recommend to friends?

Still, if that's your impression of Twitter, you haven't taken a good look at it lately. There's a lot more going on than just "what I had for lunch". ...
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Tuesday September 18, 2007

Do You Twitter?

I've started using Twitter. Twitter is a social networking service. Twitter is microblogging. Twitter is realtime updates for you, your friends, and the people you follow, in 140 characters or less.

Twitter Snap
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Wednesday March 7, 2007

Never Settle

Real Life/Work Lessons from Toyota

I would love to work for a company that operated like this.

From Fast Company magazine.

What drives Toyota? The presumption of imperfection — and a distinctly American refusal to accept it.


Toyota's competitiveness is quiet, internal, self-critical. It is rooted in an institutional obsession with improvement that Toyota manages to instill in each one of its workers, a pervasive lack of complacency with whatever was accomplished yesterday. ...
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Wednesday January 31, 2007

Hello, I'm a Mac...

We don't watch television (we don't even subscribe to cable; gasp!) But we have seen all of the Apple "Get a Mac" ads. We watch them on the web.

Did you know that there are ads targeted for the UKand Japan as well? It's fun to see the differences, especially in the Japanese versions. I especially like "Trust" (aka "Security") in which PC is concerned about Spyware. ...
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Saturday January 27, 2007

It's an Inside Joke

I enjoy "sight gags" and inside jokes.. Examples may be subtle and you can miss the joke entirely if you're not paying attention, or don't have the right context. Some excellent examples can be found in in comic strips and books.

The Foxtrot strip includes frequent sight gags (watch closely!) as well as references to cartoons and cartoonist. ...
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Saturday August 12, 2006

Treasures 2006_32

You will find something more in woods than in books.
Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.

— St. Bernard

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, that make me feel happy or thankful or interested. Treasures are memories encapsulated in just a few words. These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • Saturday! All day at home! Nowhere to go. Nothing pressing to do. And Saturday is more relaxing when I work from home the preceding Friday.

  • The 3-storey Apple logos on the sides of Moscone West, in SF, for this week's Developer's conference.
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Friday March 31, 2006



Gattofont is a new font for cat lovers from font studio studiocharlie. Studiocharlie also designs objects, furniture, videos, and clothes.

Gattofont consists of 62 different cat silhouettes. It's available in OpenType Format (for Mac or Windows).

Regular price, $16.00; on sale for 40% off at until April 27.

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Thursday February 23, 2006

Virtual Bookstores

For at least a decade, we have been bemoaning the loss of small, independent booksellers. These neighborhood stores have fallen victim to the behemoths: Borders, Barnes & Noble, and, to some extent, Amazon. (For a while, Crown Books was a big player too, but then it vanished from the scene).

I am hopeful, however, that this trend has not affected used bookstores. If anything, I think the rise of the Internet may be bringing them more business than ever before. From services such as and Alibris, to the Used & Out of Print booksellers networks run by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I have instant access to hundreds (if not thousands) of used book shops from my desk. ...
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Tuesday February 7, 2006

Now Available On Black

I'm a big fan of t-shirts with writing on them, sort of a "bumpersticker on a shirt". These are often printed in white or bright yellow on black or navy. I scan t-shirt sites and catalogues regularly for interesting new choices. But... I'd love to be able to create my own!

There has been a rise in custom-design sites, but most of those produce shirts with black or colored ink on a light-colored (white, yellow...) shirt. I really want dark green, black, or navy for the shirt color. I think the message shows up better (and smudges don't. :-) ...
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Sunday January 22, 2006

Animusic 2

Although perhaps not as entrancing as its predecessor, Animusic 2 (available on DVD) is still worth watching. ...
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Thursday December 22, 2005

Chickweed Lane

One of my favorite comic strips is 9 Chickweed Lane, by Brooke McEldowney. I enjoy the characters, especially Solange, a Siamese cat. Solage is featured in a continuing series of strips called "Hallmarks of Felinity" (book collection available).

I also love the way the artist plays with the borders of the comic strip format.


If the strip isn't available in your local paper, you can subscribe to receive this (and other strips) by email.

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Sunday December 18, 2005

Mom's Family Wall Calendar

Who does What and goes Where When... (but not Why)

What could possibly be better than twelve months of Sandra Boynton? Our favorite wall calendar now features 16 months of "adorably goofy chickens and cows, hippos and pigs. Four more months of snuggable puppies and cute-as-a-button chicks. And four more important months to help keep the family organized. "

We keep ours in the kitchen (and have done so now for uncountable years!) It's nearly January... what are you waiting for?

Boynton Cal

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Monday December 12, 2005

I Don't Know Art...

I may not know much about "Art"... but I know what I like!

Trompe l'oeil by Eric Grohe

Working in cooperation with architects, designers, art commissions and community representatives, Eric Grohe creates mural art that transforms the environment and communities as well. He believes that his art should involve, challenge and inspire the viewer; not simply adorn, but integrate with its architectural surroundings.
Not only that, they look as if you should be able to walk right into them

Mural Mural2 . ...
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Saturday October 29, 2005

A Correspondence in Correspondence

Both Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein relied on pen, paper, and the postal service to communicate with correspondents around the world. But researchers have now found the pattern of their replies is the same as that of computer users answering email today, with both following the same mathematical formula.

New Scientist magazine, 26 October 2005

This doesn't seem unusual to me. I tend to treat email as just another way to write a letter, a note, a memo.... The primary difference for me is that, when I was writing paper letters, I would write fewer of them, to a smaller set of people, and the letters themselves would be much longer. If I was going to sit down with pen and paper I might as well make the most of the time.

Using email, I write more often to more people, sending shorter messages at more frequent intervals. I keep up with my sister and with college friends - people I used to exchange letters with once or twice a year.

My mother, on the other hand, has moved from multi-page handwritten paper letters to multi-page typed and printed letters to multi-page (if I printed them) email letters. The biggest difference for her is that she now sends the same letter to both my sister and myself. I reply to both of them, including my Dad, keeping everyone "on the same page".

After all, what are letters (paper or electronic) but a way to communicate?

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Tuesday October 25, 2005

Dilbert Blogs

Scot Adams (creator of Dilbert, Dogbert, and friends) has started a weblog. Not only that, he's using TypePad. Woo Hoo.

The beauty of blogging, as compared to writing a book, is that no editor will be interfering with my random spelling and grammar, my complete disregard for the facts, and my wandering sentences that seem to go on and on and never end so that you feel like you need to take a breath and clear your head before you can even consider making it to the end of the sentence that probably didn't need to be written anyhoo.
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Wednesday October 12, 2005

Embracing RSS

RSS (aka Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a family of XML file formats for web syndication used by (amongst other things) news websites and weblogs. I've been hearing about RSS for some time now. I'm finally using it myself.

I have turned on RSS syndication for this weblog. (all together now: oooooooh. aaaaaaaah.)

I have found an RSS client I like. ...
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Thursday September 29, 2005

Teaching Tomorrow's Employees Today

In today's commentary, I discuss IBM's plan to "financially back employees who want to leave the company to become math and science teachers."

Read my commentary

Teaching Tomorrow's Employees Today - posted at Thu, 29 Sep, 20:12 Pacific

Sunday September 4, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Sister

My sister is celebrating her 35th birthday today. That's not her age; it's a birthday she enjoys celebrating. Neither of us is quite certain how many 35th birthdays she's celebrated (although if we did the math we could come up with an answer :-)

Please join me in wishing my sister a Happy Day.

Happy Birthday to my Sister - posted at Sun, 04 Sep, 10:00 Pacific | Comments (1)

Saturday July 16, 2005

Day Trippin'

We took a long day trip today (nearly 11 hours all told) to drive up to the North Bay for the Leopards, Etc fund-raiser and Open House.

We were up by 8 and left the house a bit before 9. We headed up 19th Ave and bought toasted bagels with cream cheese & lox (and tomatoes and onions at House of Bagels on Geary. Then we drove up to Fort Point and ate at the view area. No view (too much fog). Tasty though (even though I forgot to bring either paper towels or water!).

Then over the bridge in the fog and through the tunnel. Sausalito was clear (I think Marin County has demons up on the mountain with fans and brooms keeping the fog out! It's amazing to go through the tunnel from socked in grey cotton to blue sky and sun.

We drove up to Petaluma and stopped at Orchard Supply Hardware briefly, then turned on 166, then onto Stony Point Rd. and headed up to Occidental. I drove us up to Petaluma; Rich drove from Petaluma into into Occidental (and I looked at the countryside).

It was a lovely day for a car trip trip. We saw lots of cows in assorted colors, vultures, and rolling hills (golden in July). We past some horses in a pasture and there was quite a little colt with his mama. We also passed one field of cos where there was a baby calf lying in the shade near the fence with his mama (I wanted to go back and pet ;-)

We got to Occidental by 11:30. (We'd been told shuttles would arrive to pick us up starting at 11:50). In the meantime, we walked around a bit and went into a store where I bought some cute Gund stuffies. Then we wandered over to the Union Motel (closed) where we were supposed to congregate.

We congregated. We talked. We found a spot with some wind (it was a very warm day). We found some shade. The shuttles were late. Eventually an SUV appeared along with a woman to "check us in". The SUV took three people up to the compound. A mini van came, then a second. People went. We weren't fast enough.

Rich and I went and sat in the shade again. Eventually a minivan came back and we piled in and it drove up into the hills to the compound.

[... to Be Continued ...]

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Friday April 1, 2005

Carpe diem

Today only...

ThinkGeek offers


Fundue™ - USB Desktop Fondue Set

Here at the ThinkGeek offices we are surrounded by those traditional suburbia food traps. The typical crappy deli and the occasional edible pizza. So, we decided we would take desktop food culture into our own hands and created the Fundue™, a USB powered desktop culinary experience that will transform your lunches to a new realm. Get instantly sophisticated now!

SkyTag™ - Green Laser Aircraft Tracker

We've always been enamored of the green laser pointer here at ThinkGeek. The way it looks, the way it points, that mesmerizing green beam it projects. But we became tired of pointing such an advanced piece of physics on the white board, or using it to mess with cats and dogs. That's why we created SkyTag™, the world's first GPS green laser pointer mounted in a motorized base that allows you to track and tag aircraft at your own convenience!

while Google recommends you Quench your Thirst for Knowledge with GoogleGulp (Beta). ...
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Tuesday March 22, 2005

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

Coming! This Fall!

Wallace & Gromit Bigger than Life!

The cheese-loving Wallace and his ever faithful dog Gromit star in an all new comedy adventure, marking their first full-length feature film.
Go to the brand new Wallace & Gromit site for pictures and a video look behind the scenes.
Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You! - posted at Tue, 22 Mar, 22:03 Pacific | Comments (1)

Monday January 10, 2005

Fixed-width fonts

I love fonts. I collect fonts. I especially love "handwritten" fonts.

As a programmer, however, and constant email user, I need to use fixed-width fonts, preferably with easily distinguished characters. So how do I mix and match my love for handwritten fonts with fixed-width programmer's fonts? Take a look at some of the cool fixed-width fonts I've found!

Fixed-width fonts - posted at Mon, 10 Jan, 00:05 Pacific

Thursday October 14, 2004


I have discovered a delightful new desktop toy for my Mac. It's called Konfabulator. Konfabulator is "whatever you want it to be".

Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your AirPort signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather.
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Konfabulous - posted at Thu, 14 Oct, 22:01 Pacific

Monday September 13, 2004

(Inter)national Chocolate Day

September 13 is International Chocolate Day. September 18th is National Chocolate Day. Celebrate with the chocolate of your choice... I prefer a nice smooth semi-sweet.

If you like a hint of coffee with your chocolate, try a bit of a Seattle Chocolates Pike Place Espresso Truffle bar - yummmmmmmmmmm.

(Inter)national Chocolate Day - posted at Mon, 13 Sep, 21:46 Pacific

Sunday September 12, 2004

Cooking for Engineers

I recently discovered a new site (thanks to slashdot, via Rich) called Cooking for Engineers. The site owner, Michael Chu, describes the site thusly:

The recipes that are listed as "Recipe File" are the recipes that I use when I want to make a particular dish. "Recipe Test" are recipes that have been recommended to me or I have come across that I test and don't necessary stand behind. Some of the "Recipe File" recipes are my own recipes or have been passed down to me and "perfected". Others are not, but the source is credited (see Basic Pancakes or Lemon Bars for some examples).

This website was started because I needed a repository for cooking info that I wanted to refer to as well as some of my favorite recipes. I used to keep all this information on my Palm through the Memo Pad application. Unfortunately, I was synchronizing Memo Pad with my laptop (on Outlook) and discovered that after three months our Exchange server deletes old Outlook Notes. So, exactly three months after synchronizing all my recipes, they all got deleted and on the next synch, were consequently removed from my Palm. I've been reinventing some recipes and looking of other since and decided to put them online.

The recipe Rich pointed me to is one for tiramisu. Tiramisu has been called the "Barry Manilow of deserts" but it's one of my favorites. It's a bit different in every incarnation and at every restaurant where I've eaten it, but it's almost always delicious no matter how it's prepared. If you also love tiramisu, be sure to read all of the comments on the recipe posting. ...
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Cooking for Engineers - posted at Sun, 12 Sep, 14:12 Pacific

Saturday September 11, 2004

The Return of Stuart Katt!

I'm a big fan of Stuart Katt, stuartkattshirt a large, stripey, lino-block art feline I discovered many years ago. I have several t-shirts, a tote bag, and a set of greeting cards featuring the irrepressible and irresistible tabby. Some of my favorites in the series are "Cat Wants In / Cat Wants Out" (a double-print t-shirt), "Cat and Friends on Stairs" (the "friends" being cat toys) and "Cat Wants People Food" (in this case, that would be the roasted turkey).

Periodically, I'd do a web search, looking for signs of Stuart... Until recently, there was nothing to find. In fact, judging from the comments posted to one of my previous weblog entries which mentioned one of my t-shirts (right), I've been generating the most hits. The comments also show that and Stuart is well-loved and sought-after by his loyal fans.

Well, guess who did a web search and found me?! A couple of days ago, I received an unexpected note from Stuart's artist, Philip Dingman. (Isn't the Web a wonderful place!).

I have excellent news for all Stuart Katt fans — Mr. Dingman will be letting the Katt out of the bag once again! He even promises.. books! Oooooooooh.

I hope you'll join the Stuart "fan club" when the Katt comes back. Keep watch at I can hardly wait.


katt small

The Return of Stuart Katt! - posted at Sat, 11 Sep, 11:27 Pacific

Sunday August 15, 2004

The Official Sandra Boynton Website

I just love the drawings of Sandra Boynton; I've loved her since 1975! I never throw away any calendars or greeting cards she's designed (and I buy Boynton greeting cards just for me, to keep!).

AUT_2083We have two Boynton stuffytoy hippies, George and Martha, on the headboard of our bed. (George and Martha are named after the titular characters in a children's book by another author/illustrator, James Marshall).

I am therefore especially pleased to discover as well as to announce that there is an Official Sandra Boynton Web Site. Books and plushies are available for your own family to adopt! (Decisions, decisions :-)

Be sure to visit the No-Mind Entertainment page which offers "two portals into hitherto unexplored territory. Behind these doors there are for you unfathomable experiences — although, we regret to say, you will find no ladies, tigers, or major appliances."

The Official Sandra Boynton Website - posted at Sun, 15 Aug, 11:06 Pacific

Thursday July 22, 2004

Spy vs. Spy 3D


I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.
-- Franklin P. Adams

I've always found new words this way, browsing the dictionary, looking up something else. Now, with the WWW I find all sorts of wonderful gems on the way to looking up something else.

Recently, while searching for ways to syntax-color code and turn it into web pages, I found a link to Ned Batchelder's blog and there, I also found this:

I saw a new TV commercial for Mountain Dew a few weeks ago, and was flabbergasted: it was the old Mad magazine "Spy vs. Spy" cartoon, translated into 3D. Bob Congdon found online copies of the ads. I think they've done a stellar job of capturing the feel of the cartoon, both in terms of the elemental plotting and violence, and the stripped-down black and white look of the strip. One of the ads ends "to be continued". I hope there will be more...
Thanks, Ned! ...
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Spy vs. Spy 3D - posted at Thu, 22 Jul, 20:18 Pacific

Wednesday July 21, 2004


A new word... and a marvelous quote.

bloviate (BLOH-vee-ayt) v. intr. Slang

Bloviate is from blow + a mock-Latinate suffix -viate. Compare blowhard, "a boaster or braggart." Bloviation is the noun form; a bloviator is one who bloviates.

Trivia: Bloviate is most closely associated with U.S. President Warren G. Harding, who used it frequently and who was known for long, windy speeches. H.L. Mencken said of him, "He writes the worst English that I have ever encountered. It reminds me of a string of wet sponges; it reminds me of tattered washing on the line; it reminds me of stale bean soup, of college yells, of dogs barking idiotically through endless nights. It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it. It drags itself out of the dark abysm of pish, and crawls insanely up the topmost pinnacle of posh. It is rumble and bumble. It is flap and doodle. It is balder and dash."

[ bloviate was Word of the Day on June 22, 2001 ] ...
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bloviate - posted at Wed, 21 Jul, 18:52 Pacific

Sunday July 4, 2004

Happy Fourth!


Click the image above to go to an animated fireworks display.

Happy Fourth! - posted at Sun, 04 Jul, 12:30 Pacific

Saturday June 26, 2004



Animusic is for anyone who appreciates rich, beautifully rendered, 3-D computer graphics.

Animusic is for anyone who has ever played in a band or orchestra.

Animusic is for anyone who appreciates music and who enjoys watching music being played.

If you generally listen to music with your eyes closed, open them for Animusic or you'll miss most of what makes this album special. ...
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Animusic - posted at Sat, 26 Jun, 19:13 Pacific

Friday March 26, 2004

Quartet for a Friday morning

I've started playing with poetry again. One of my journaling list groups publishes prompt words every week or two. There's always a "poem" word. Three of the past poem words have been: Blanket, Sleeping, Clean.

For the first two pieces, I played with senryu (senryu has the same structure as haiku but doesn't require a seasonal reference). The fourth entry recasts one of the previous words (Sleeping) as a different part of speech (Sleep). (To be honest, I composed this one because I misremembered the third posted word; inspiration comes in odd forms :-) ...
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Quartet for a Friday morning - posted at Fri, 26 Mar, 10:41 Pacific

Friday March 19, 2004

Poetry on Paper

May I recommend today's weblog essay by Danny Gregory, Everyday Matters.

Poetry on Paper - posted at Fri, 19 Mar, 09:42 Pacific

Wednesday March 17, 2004

Spam in my mailbox?

Spam in my mailbox? I cannot utter enough expletives to describe the depth of my revulsion for spam. Spam on my blog? Sailors, cover your ears.

[ cf. Fighting Blog Spam, March 8, 2004 ]

If I never again see an "enlargement comment" I will be a very happy camper. I am so sick and tired of deleting this garbage/slime/crap/encroaching nastiness that has been infiltrating my otherwise happy little backwater weblog.

And now, thanks to Pariah (for showing me the light), and to Jay Allen for sparking the light, the lamp, the torch in the darkness (i.e. MT-Blacklist) my weblog is gonna be MINE all Mine once again.

Pariah - You have my everlasting and fervent thanks!

Jay - Ditto; ( amazing page :-)

Spammers - see a later [sic] ... or never

Spam in my mailbox? - posted at Wed, 17 Mar, 21:41 Pacific

Thursday March 4, 2004

Packaging Solutions

In wandering the web today looking for something else, I came across the rather interesting page from Berlin Packaging. Berlin Packaging is "the nation's premier supplier of rigid packaging - including glass, metal, and plastic containers, and closures". The page I discovered is their packaging solutions page, on which they give several examples, with full text description as well as "Before" and "After pictures, of bottles they have redesigned (and why).

For example, the way I found this site was by doing a search for the home page of a product I like, Victorian House Coffee. It turns out that Berlin Packaging redesigned the Victorian House Coffee bottle: ...
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Packaging Solutions - posted at Thu, 04 Mar, 11:47 Pacific

Monday March 1, 2004

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

cathat onefish greeneggs
From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things
are everywhere.

March 2 is the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, known to millions of children as Dr. Seuss. Theodor Geisel died in 1991. This March 2, 2004 (tomorrow) would have been his 100th birthday. ...
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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! - posted at Mon, 01 Mar, 14:35 Pacific

Saturday February 7, 2004

Make Your Motor Cortex Dance

"Brain areas that are used to perform an action are also needed to comprehend words related to that action," ... "Remarkably, just the reading of feet-related action words such as dance makes [the motor cortex] move its 'feet.'"

[cf "The Brain's Word Act: Reading verbs revs up motor cortex areas", by Bruce Bower, in Science News, week of Feb 7, 2004

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Make Your Motor Cortex Dance - posted at Sat, 07 Feb, 11:05 Pacific

Friday January 30, 2004

Happy Anniversary, Macintosh!

[ Lest anyone consider this entry to be belated, please consider that some people (such as myself :-) prefer to mark anniversaries by their proximity to other events. Apple aired the "1984" Macintosh introduction ad during halftime on Super Bowl Sunday, January 1984. This year, Super Bowl Sunday is later, on Feb. 1. ]

At halftime on Super Bowl Sunday, January 1984, Apple Computer aired one of the greatest commercials in the 37-year history of the Super Bowl. The ad is among the ten finalists for's Super Bowl Greatest Commercials, which airs on Saturday, January 31st, 2004 at 9 pm.

Since 1967, there have been 37 Super Bowls, containing approximately 60 commercials in each, which works out to more than 2,200 Super Bowl commercials in all! We've narrowed the field down to ten.
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Happy Anniversary, Macintosh! - posted at Fri, 30 Jan, 19:41 Pacific

Sunday January 25, 2004

South Beach Updates "Foods to Enjoy"

Spouse and self began our reduced-carbohydrate lifestyle adventure on Sept 1, 2004. As advocates of the South Beach plan, we had nonetheless been wondering about the restrictions it placed on certain foods. For example, all dairy products were considered "Avoid" foods in Phase 1, despite research that shows the value of milk and yogurt in weight-loss plans. Similarly, I had been wondering about the limits placed on tomatoes (1 whole or 10 cherry tomatoes per meal); tomatoes contain lycopene and have a nearly unmeasurable glycemic index. Spouse considers carrots to be "good food"; although the fiber content and vitamins would seem to support his theory, the South Beach Diet did not.

So I was delighted to discover recently that some changes have been made; our beliefs have been given official support. The South Beach Diet has been updated to take advantage of these nutritional studies and information. Updates have been made to the Phase 1 "Foods to Enjoy" and "Foods to Avoid" lists as well as to the Phase 2 "Foods You Can Reintroduce" and "Foods To Avoid Or Eat Rarely" lists. ...
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South Beach Updates "Foods to Enjoy" - posted at Sun, 25 Jan, 13:09 Pacific

Friday January 23, 2004

BBC Horizons: The Atkins Diet

Primetime BBC Television's Horizon ran a programme on The Atkins Diet last night with the tag line: "Horizon reveals the truth about the world's most controversial diet."

(When discussing the BBC, I figure I should spell like the BBC :-) ...
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BBC Horizons: The Atkins Diet - posted at Fri, 23 Jan, 08:17 Pacific

Thursday January 22, 2004

Low Carb Granola

I love Granola. Unfortunately, we're presently on a long-term reduced carbohydrate adventure so most granolas are out for the time being. However, one of the women on the low-carb mailing list I'm on recently recommended a low-carb granola called "FlaxOMeal Granola" (Low-Carb Success brand). Several other women chimed in to agree that they think it's quite tasty.

I found some today while shopping at one of our local grocery stores (a small local chain called Mollie Stones, a bit upscale from Safeway :-) Mollie Stones has joined the Low-carb revolution, having recently installed a large endcap display at the front of the store, containing all sorts of varied low-carb products and "We Have Low-Carb" on a big sign. Cool. ...
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Low Carb Granola - posted at Thu, 22 Jan, 15:49 Pacific

Thursday January 8, 2004

A Passion for Paper

I considered titling this "Paper Fetish"

fetish n. 2. An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence
but I decided that the other definitions for fetish were just too far out for me. I'd hate for anyone to jump to the wrong conclusions... some people will find the right conclusions to be just a little strange as it is. :-)

Do other people who like to write (whether you keep a regular journal or not, paper version or online) share a similar passion for paper as mine? I can't remember a time when I didn't care about using just the right sort of notebook, just the right type of tablet, for a project or a class. ...
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A Passion for Paper - posted at Thu, 08 Jan, 09:20 Pacific

Tuesday January 6, 2004

Quote Collecting

I'm a great fan (and collector) of quotations. I have more than half a dozen books of quotations on my shelves. ...
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Quote Collecting - posted at Tue, 06 Jan, 07:22 Pacific

Sunday December 21, 2003

Why I Write

I've always liked to write; when I was much younger, I wrote a lot of poems and short stories. For several years in Junior High and High School I did a periodic "newspaper" for my family.

I don't recall keeping any sort of diary or journal during elementary school or High School. I did keep a regular journal through all four years of College. I can't remember what triggered that, but I wrote in it most every day. I still have the first volume of that journal (discovered recently in a box with my HS yearbooks and a couple of photo scrapbooks). If I still have the remaining volumes, they are stored in a place so safe even I don't know where it is. To be honest, I'm not sure I would want to read those journals if I could find them again. Perhaps they're better off in that "safe place".

Continue reading "Why I Write" in my "other" weblog, commentary...
Why I Write - posted at Sun, 21 Dec, 14:13 Pacific

Saturday December 13, 2003

Fat-free (or Carb-free) Still Isn't "Free"

I recall an article I read a few years ago. The author recounted his discovery of some non-fat cookies at the local "Quik Stop Gas & Shop" when he stopped in for a fill-up on his way home from work. The cookies were delicious (and fat-free!) so he began to make a habit of stopping to buy a bag of cookies on his way home every day. It was only after he gained 5-10 ponds that he read the label. While the cookies were fat free they weren't sugar free (and they certainly weren't calorie free!).

I've personally seen "fat free" brownies with a half-inch of chocolate fudge icing slathered on top! They had more icing than the "regular" (with fat) version! They're certainly yummy but they are not a "low calorie food".

Despite some recent surprising study results, a calorie still counts for something. Replacing fat with sugar (or carbohydrates with fats and proteins) may not produce the weight-loss results you're hoping for. ...
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Fat-free (or Carb-free) Still Isn't "Free" - posted at Sat, 13 Dec, 13:03 Pacific

Monday December 8, 2003

Low-carb pizza?!

Rich and I have a favorite Pizzeria (Pasquale's in San Francisco). We've tried many other pizza places; this one (in our opinion) is by far the best. But... how to fit pizza into a diet in which you are trying to substantially reduce your carbohydrate intake?

Answer: Toppings!

In pizza, we both like the sauce best (more sauce!), followed by the cheese and the toppings (sausage and pepperoni, mushrooms (for Rich's side only), occasionally basil/pesto). We're not big crust fans. The crust is there to keep the sauce from sticking and burning in the oven. :-)

We tried this idea back in October and repeated it last night. I think it's a "keeper".

We each had three slices of pizza. We both ate cheese, sausage, pepperoni and (in Rich's case) mushrooms. We didn't eat the crust. We did remember (this time) to order a side of ravioli sauce (next to the best pizza, Pasquale's makes the best meat sauce we've ever tasted anywhere). So, we could add even more sauce to our crustless low-carb pizza!

We were full and happy (not stuffed) and we had what we went for.

Low-carb pizza?! - posted at Mon, 08 Dec, 15:02 Pacific


Blog Ideas. Circle of Words. Spark. Weigh-in Wednesday. The Friday 5. Saturday Slant. Participation Positives.

Have you ever wondered where people get ideas for what to write about? Have you noticed how some people's weblogs (including mine) reference a set of periodic questions and then answer them? One answer is "memes". ...
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Memes - posted at Mon, 08 Dec, 13:52 Pacific

Saturday December 6, 2003


I've started a new Yahoo group / mailing list called InsPURRation: CatPURRSons Life Support. The rationale is simple.
We are the ones who have high blood pressure, ulcers, and heart attacks, not cats. -- Roger Caras

We all have bad days. The car won't start, your son has a fender-bender, the water pipes break, work gave you a migraine, you sprain your ankle, lose your checkbook, argue with your spouse.

Some days are much worse. You suffer a fire; a parent has Alzheimers; a good friend dies; the car is totaled; the medical diagnosis is bad.

Yet, sometimes there are rainbows on the darkest day. A friend calls; a loved one sends you flowers; you read an uplifting poem; you try a soothing new tea or find a piece of inspirational music. A rift is healed; the diagnosis is benign; an argument is settled. Pandora's box also held hope.

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InsPURRation - posted at Sat, 06 Dec, 10:20 Pacific

Saturday October 18, 2003

Sweet Tooth

I couldn't quite decide if this was commentary or not, so I posted the same article to both of my weblogs; only the teaser paragraph is here; you can read the rest at

Saccharin. Cyclamate. Aspartame. Sucralose. Tagatose. Alitame.
Xylitol. Maltitol. Lactitol. Isomalt. Erythritol. Mannitol. Sorbitol.

If it tastes like sugar, but it's not...

People like sugar; people like sweet foods. Unfortunately, sucrose ("table sugar") is, well, fattening. It also promotes tooth decay, increases your blood glucose levels, and triggers the insulin reaction. For decades, dieters, diabetics, and people concerned about their teeth have sought an alternative to sucrose. Although the perfect solution has not yet been discovered, we do have many choices.

Continue reading "Sweet Tooth"

Sweet Tooth - posted at Sat, 18 Oct, 22:40 Pacific

Friday October 17, 2003

A Calorie is a Calorie... or is it?

The dietary establishment has long argued it's impossible, but a new study offers intriguing evidence for the idea that people on low-carbohydrate diets can actually eat more than folks on standard lowfat plans and still lose weight.
[This] strikes at one of the most revered beliefs in nutrition: A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. It does not matter whether they come from bacon or mashed potatoes; they all go on the waistline in just the same way ...

[c.f. Study surprise: Low-carb dieters eat more, lose weight, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (AP), Oct 4, 2003]

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A Calorie is a Calorie... or is it? - posted at Fri, 17 Oct, 23:23 Pacific

Saturday October 11, 2003

The South Beach Diet

I have been reading "The South Beach Diet" by Dr. Arthur Agatston. (The hardcover book is currently on sale for softcover prices ($15) at both and Barnes & Noble; there are used copies available as well through starting at $11.75.

Dr. Agatston is a cardiologist who started investigating diet as a way to help his overweight patients lower their weight, cholesterol, and triglycerides and reduce adult diabetes and pre-diabetes symptoms. The patients shared the diet success with friends and family and it's become very popular.

Rich and I have been looking through various "diet" schemes, reading the books, comparing what they say to what we believe makes sense. So far, The South Beach Diet is the closest to what I think makes the most sense. It's low-carb but not no-carb. It's not "high fat" nor is it "low fat". It's not "all protein" and it's certainly not a starvation diet. It draws a distinction between "good" and "bad" carbs (and between "good" and" bad" fats) . It's not so much a "diet" as a lifestyle change. ...
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The South Beach Diet - posted at Sat, 11 Oct, 14:38 Pacific

Thursday October 2, 2003

Low carb need not equal faux food

From the San Francisco Chronicle ( Food in the News,, Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2003)

Low-carb craze grabs consumers
Onslaught of new products tempts dieters

You'd never buy most of them for their taste -- even some people who sell them admit that. They're generally not low in calories. Nutritionists raise their eyebrows at all the protein and processing they pack. And they're expensive, easily two to four times the cost of their full-carb counterparts.

But, inspired by the Atkins/South Beach/Sugar Busters low-carb weight- loss plans, people are scarfing them down, acting like sea otters at an oyster bar.

Low-carb food specialty stores are proliferating, catering to demands for the likes of cinnamon-fried pork rinds. Trend-savvy Trader Joe's is about to unveil a new Joe's Lows label for its growing low-carb line. Low-carb tortillas, chips and beer are multiplying in markets like Whole Foods, Andronico's and Walgreens.

The fear-of-fat days are officially over. Now, it's all about fear of carbs. Even french fry sales are feeling the pain.

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Low carb need not equal faux food - posted at Thu, 02 Oct, 11:24 Pacific

Saturday September 27, 2003

Inside skinny on office fat

There was an article in today's SF Chronicle about how the workplace contributes to the obesity problem. Here's an excerpt:
The workplace study, a random sampling of 611 working adults from around the country, found that although 32 percent of workers usually skip breakfast and/or lunch, they aren't exactly doing a Gandhi impression. Eighty-nine percent admit to snacking during the workday, with more than half embracing fat and sugar's greatest hits: chips, candy and doughnuts.

Hunger and the need for energy are the main explanations they give, according to the study, sponsored by the American Association of Working People, the Institute for Health and Productivity Management and the makers of the Ensure nutritional drink. An additional 23 percent of workers blame stress.

And here's my favorite: 27 percent snack because they're bored. Workers under 25 were twice as likely as their older colleagues to use that as their explanation.

[by Dave Murphy, SF Chronicle; read the rest of the original article on the web at]

I sent a note to the writer with some additional comments. ...
       Continue reading "Inside skinny on office fat"

Inside skinny on office fat - posted at Sat, 27 Sep, 22:51 Pacific

Sunday September 21, 2003

Storytelling Festival

We drove up to Trinidad California (in Humboldt County, about 25 mi. north of Eureka, on the California North Coast) for a Storytelling festival this weekend. We headed up on Friday and drove back Saturday afternoon.

In between, we heard from half a dozen storytellers, stories ranging from Japanese fables to the life story of Lou Gehrig. Storytelling festivals can be a "mixed bag". You'll love some, you'll like some, some will leave you cold.

We went to this festival specifically because Willy Claflin would be there! Rich was lucky enough to see Willy Claflin perform at a storytelling festival in Sant Ynez about 6 months ago. He then purchased all available CD recordings (:-), brought them home and I became a fan of Willy Claflin. Willy's best friend and co-teller is Maynard Moose who tells "Traditional Moose Tales". On this trip, I got to see Maynard perform in person (and a lively and animated moose he is, too, cheerful and happy with his work :-)

We had a pleasant time, a long drive (over 300 miles each way), lovely scenery, a pretty piney woods (the festival event was in Patrick's Point State Park) and a cute little cabin over night. I'm happy we went; nevertheless, it's always good to get home.

Storytelling Festival - posted at Sun, 21 Sep, 10:33 Pacific

Friday July 11, 2003

Yogurt tasting

There have been a number of articles recently that indicate that people who include dairy in their diets, when trying to lose weight, have more success than those who give up dairy. Low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, and yogurt are mentioned. (Unfortunately, ice cream's high fat and sugar counteracts the effects of the dairy aspect. sigh).

Unfortunately, while I'm willing to drink milk (the lower-fat the better), I've always found store-bought yogurt to be sour (though I am very fond of Indian raita and Greek tzatziki). The question was, is there any commercial yogurt I'd be willing to eat... or one that Rich would eat... and would there be one we both liked?

So, for fun we did a taste test. ...
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Yogurt tasting - posted at Fri, 11 Jul, 23:10 Pacific

Thursday July 3, 2003

The Color of My Parachute

Everything about unemployment is wonderful... except for the lack of income.
So, being one of many unemployed in the Tech industry, I've been trying to find a job. I've been trying since January 2002 (when I still had a contract but the miserable economy forced me down to 15 hours/week).I've joined a few mailing lists - if you want a good one, try The Wednesday Group Job (don't ask me why it's called that; I don't know). I've participated in the discussions on other technical lists (not job lists but job-related discussion; we're all searching for work). I'm "using my contacts" (what contacts I have). And I thought, "Why not try one of those infamous books again?". So I got a copy of the 2003 edition of What Color Is Your Parachute. ...
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The Color of My Parachute - posted at Thu, 03 Jul, 22:52 Pacific

Tuesday May 6, 2003

The Sixth of May

I wrote this in 9th grade. It won honorable mention in a local poetry contest.

The Sixth of May

On a beautiful morning, the sixth of May
With the sunshine glowing, a wonderful day,
With a breeze through the trees,
       And a wind in the bog,
Over the hill, with a kite,
       Came a frog
And his son.

The wind was just right on this beautiful day,
To carry a box-kite up high and away.
The frog had a kite,
       A marvelous thing,
As fancy and bright,
       As a butterfly's wing
In the sun.

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The Sixth of May - posted at Tue, 06 May, 13:15 Pacific

Tuesday February 25, 2003

Old Mother Moose Tales


On Rich's recent trip to Santa Barbara, he attended a story-telling festival. One of the story tellers is Willy Claflin; Willy Claflin is "an award-winning master storyteller, school performer, festival performer, who also has produced five age-appropriate CDs and tapes of Willy Claflin songs and Maynard Moose tales".

Actually, Willy doesn't tell many of the stories himself; his colleagues do. One such colleague is Maynard Moose. Maynard is a moose (puppet) with a voice somewhat reminiscent of Kermit The Frog and a real knack for story telling.

From the descriptions for some of the discs:

I first met Maynard one foggy autumn morning years ago in down-east Maine... his memory of the Old Mother Moose tales is as keen as ever... I would like to thank him for keeping this ancient oral moose tradition alive.

Claflin’s formula for fractured tales: equal parts moose wisdom, people predicaments, and Moothified pronouncifications.

“Mother Moose Tales,” says the storyteller, “Preserve traditional moose values.”

The stories are _funny_. Buy a CD; buy 2 or three :-) Our favorites are Sleeping Beastly, Maynard Moose Tales, and The Uglified Ducky. Here's a sample story from The Uglified Ducky, called The Turtle and the Bunny.

Old Mother Moose Tales - posted at Tue, 25 Feb, 11:31 Pacific

Monday June 24, 2002

Lebanon Bologna by mail

Are you an expatriot Pennsylvanian? Do you miss the taste of lebanon bologna? Or scrapple? Do you know you can buy these tastes-of-home by mail??

"Ask someone from outside the Lebanon Valley "what's the first thing they think of when they hear Lebanon?" and they'll probably say -- Lebanon Bologna. Lebanon Bologna is now produced by three premier sausage makers - Kutztown, Seltzer's and Weaver. Two (Weaver and Seltzer's) offer tours of their smokehouses and packing facilities."

"All three have mail order departments and will gladly ship one stick or a case of world famous Lebanon Bologna across the county or around the world"

If you don't know which to choose, I like Seltzer's.

They say they sell scrapple too (but not till fall). I can't wait!

Lebanon Bologna by mail - posted at Mon, 24 Jun, 14:20 Pacific

Sunday May 12, 2002

The journal goes public (the blogger has landed)

Time to send out email to people to tell them the Blog is here.

Friends and family can get their own blog. Other folks reading this are encouraged to surf to (or install your own copy of greymatter, moveabletype, bloxsom, or... if you have your own server).

The journal goes public (the blogger has landed) - posted at Sun, 12 May, 22:45 Pacific

Friday May 10, 2002

Welcome to the Weblog

I've just installed something new, a "web logger" (aka "blogger) called greymatter. I may put one into some other sites here. In any case, I'm still learning what I can do with this thing.

Welcome to the Weblog - posted at Fri, 10 May, 22:28 Pacific