Sunday September 4, 2016

An Early Memory

(I wrote this essay yesterday as part of the CBEST "writing" test. The topic was "an early memory".)

My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She was born in early September, five months before I turned four.

My parents and I had traveled out of town for the weekend, to visit my grandparents, who lived about an hour and a half away. My mother has said that, had she thought the baby might arrive that weekend, she never would have left town.

I don't remember anything about the trip. I do remember waking in the middle of the night or very early morning to great hustle and bustle. My parents were going to the hospital! The baby was coming! I was to be a good girl and stay with Nana and Papa. ...
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Saturday July 4, 2015

Lifetime Achievements

I was born in January of 1960, in central Pennsylvania. I grew up in State College, a University town dubbed a "statistical metropolis". It was (and still is) a pleasant and progressive place to grow up.

A lot has happened in the past 50+ years, not just for me but for the world. ...
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Tuesday March 31, 2015

The 6 Stages of Technology

These were originally presented in a talk by Stu Feldman, given at a USENIX conference in approximately 1988 or so...

A "technology" can be anything: software, a technique, a process, a document, a product...

(I think Stu originally had only 5 stages. Either what I have numbered 0 was missing or 2 and 3 were combined. I think this is more accurate.)

I've had this posted on my web site for years, but never put it into my blog. I think it will be easier to locate if it's here. ...
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Friday October 17, 2014

Loma Prieta - Remembering 1989

October 17, 1989. 17:04 Pacific time.

25 years ago.

I was on CA 85, having left work (at Apple, in Cupertino), heading north to pick up hubby Rich where he was working in Mountain View. The car bucked; I pulled over, thinking I had a blown tire. A lot of cars pulled over. Hmmmm.

At the side of the road, a transformer was sparking. Apparently, we'd had an earthquake.

We all got back in our cars. I continued to Mountain View, where Rich was waiting in the parking lot. He said "There was an earthquake." So far, to misquote C3PO from Star Wars Episode 4, "The damage didn't look so bad from out here." ...
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Friday September 12, 2014

Thirty Years Ago This Month

Thirty years ago this month (Sept 1984), we packed everything into a 24-ft U-Haul truck with a VW camper minibus on a tow bar, and drove across the country from Fort Washington, Maryland, to Walnut Creek, California (2830 miles).

The original plan was to rent a house (owned by a friend who was moving to Hawaii for a few years) in Walnut Creek. However, the night before we got into the truck to drive west, we received a phone call. The house had been sold (surprise!). We could stay one night in that house when we arrived and the friend put us in touch with a real estate agent to help us find a different house to rent.

The trip wasn't bad, not really, but you could say that the phone call the night before we started rather set the tone. ...
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Sunday March 10, 2013

I am an Introvert: Thank you

From many of the things I read online, I realize that I really need to say "Thank you" to my parents for the way they raised my sister and me.

Far too many people, growing up, were apparently told, pushed, or nudged in directions they didn't want to go, or directions that were just wrong for them, psychologically. They were told what to study (or what not to study). "You have to be a doctor." "You can't be a writer." "You'll never make money in that field."

I was the girl who wanted to take every possible science class. When that meant I wouldn't have a lunch period in 10th grade, and the Guidance Counselor objected, my Mom said "She wants to take that class. Let her take the class. The class is more important than lunch period."

Thank you.. (I never ate in the HS cafeteria anyway.) ...
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Wednesday January 18, 2012


At a techie Meetup last night, I met an IT guy who programs in Haskell. Haskell is described as a "polymorphically statically typed, lazy, purely functional language". The language is named for Haskell Brooks Curry, "whose work in mathematical logic serves as a foundation for functional languages". *

I've never used Haskell, the language, but every time I hear that someone does, I smile. I remember a sweet, absent-minded professor who wore purple socks.

I grew up across the street from Haskell Curry and his lovely wife, Virginia. They were wonderful people and good neighbors. I'm delighted that Mr Curry is remembered in a programming language.

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Sunday January 3, 2010

A Year in Tweets

Inspired by Facebook's "Year in Status" application, I excerpted "A Year in Tweets".

♥  Happy New Year Pacific Standard Time USA! Wishing you all everything you hope for in 2009. Time to turn off lights and watch for fireworks.  ♥  Gorgeous day. Sunny. Blue sky streaked with whispy clouds. Clear as far as I can see. Sailboats dot the Bay. Perfect view. How's your day?  ♥  Oh not again! Now we're having a peanut butter scare. No reports of contaminated peanut butter in CA, but it's been pulled from the cafe. :(  ♥  Just removed a tuft of cat fur from under my trackball. Wondering how the ball has been working with that in it. A marvel of technology.  ♥  The cat says it's 4pm. At 4pm, on days when I work from home, it's "Stop Typing and Pay Attention to the Cats" time. Plus crunchy snacks.  ♥  ...
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Saturday January 2, 2010

A Year in Twitter (Word Cloud)

I generated a TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: people, time, love.


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Thursday December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

Japan and Europe are already in 2010. As I write this, California has 4 hours to go.

I keep a journal — started in College (real paper notebooks), stopped for many years, then picked up again in 2003 (this time electronic). So, at this time of year, I can look back and see: what happened this year?

Here are some of the highlights from my view of 2009. ...
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Saturday August 1, 2009

Twitterings - July 2009

These are my Twitter entries for July.
  • We have a flock of chickadees in the backyard (chirp). They come to the feeder, preen, get one seed and fly off. To and fro. Tweet chirp. 10:15 AM Jul 7th

  • We have nuthatches as well as chickadees. I love little birds. I want to stroke their little heads and the downy feathers on their chests. 10:18 AM Jul 7th

  • Big blue Scrub Jay at the feeder. Squirrel cat says "Meep!" 9:54 AM Jul 10th

  • RT @Colleen_Graffy: Idea: what if there were Twitter Prompters who offered services to encourage, remind, prod & prompt?? Just a thought. 4:38 PM Jul 11th

  • ...
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    Wednesday July 1, 2009

    Catching Up

    I haven't been updating my weblog very often. No special reason; I just haven't felt like there was anything to write. Nevertheless, there have been things going on... ...
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    Tuesday June 30, 2009

    Twitterings - June 2009

    These are my Twitter entries for June.

    • Telephones do not belong in cubicle environments. :-( If you need to call someone, find a room with a door and close it. 9:39 AM Jun 4th

    • Once again, the cubicle fairies have come while I was away. I never see them. Perhaps I should leave out a bowl of mocha for them? 12:50 PM Jun 10th

    • (I've placed several Facilities requests since moving into this new cube. All requests have been silently filled; I never see anyone come/go 12:52 PM Jun 10th

    • We're on the 3rd floor in the new building. It's "well sprung". The floor bounces when people walk. I remind myself it's not an earthquake. 1:30 PM Jun 10th

    • @apelad - Awww. I think I love it just like this. It has a lot of character. Yap! 2:49 PM Jun 10th

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    Sunday May 31, 2009

    Twitterings - May 2009

    These are my Twitter entries for May.

    • Back from vet visit #2 for the week. All cats checked up. over, and out. Eldest kitty had xray; now on feline glucosamine/chondroitin. Meow! 10:03 AM May 1st from Twidget

    • @megfowler Why do fun, hilarious, bright, special people on Twitter protect their updates? *sigh* (cannot read @Kath1213) 10:08 PM May 1st from web in reply to megfowler

    • To me. it feels like people who protect their Twitter updates are just blocking out the rest of us en masse. I just don't get it. Why? 10:10 PM May 1st from web

    • They light up using the ghost power radiating from the wires overhead. RT @inhabitat: ECO ART: Field of beams 11:37 AM May 2nd from Twidget

    • @lindasusan @TimothyBlack: Purell and other sanitizers aren't just "antibacterial". > 60% Alcohol-based kills "germs" 12:05 PM May 2nd from web in reply to lindasusan

    • Info on why alcohol-based hand sanitizers are recommended agansit flu virus. And no, they're not just "anti-bacterial" 12:08 PM May 2nd from Twidget

    • Stop sign at bottom of hill repositioned. Previous "STOP" & yellow line on street painted over. Non-waterproof paint... It's been raining. 2:32 PM May 2nd from Twidget

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    Thursday April 30, 2009

    Twitterings - April 2009

    These are my Twitter entries for April.

    • April 1 is not my favorite day of the year. Still, I always enjoy checking out and today. They work hard for this. Apr 1st

    • A sentiment I can agree with. OH: I'm tired of the culture of 'No'. Apr 1st

    • My sister is in town for 4 days of Training sessions. We're meeting her (and a coworker) in The City tonight for dinner. Should be fun. Apr 1st

    • Dear man on the train platform, bouncing (not jogging) in place. It's 07:15. Could you do that later? And somewhere else. Apr 2nd

    • I'm 30min into a 'required' 90min meeting that pretty much has no relationship to my Job. I hope the Company is getting its money's worth Apr 2nd

    • 50 people in the room. At least 16 laptops. Most of the laptops open. I hear keys gently clicking. How many people are paying attention? Apr 2nd

    • Some people appear totally focused on laptops. Why are they here? Why am _I_ here? The "joys" of mandatory meetings. Can't mandate value. Apr 2nd

    • Company TWiki upgraded to 4.2.4 last night. All sorts of bugs crawling out of the woodwork today. Some real (filed). Some user-related. Ugh. Apr 3rd

    • In the Mall yesterday, I discovered I simply had to have a Hallmark "Gotta Hop" bunny. He makes me laugh. Watch video! Apr 5th

    • Trying Nambu, the new Twitter client for Mac OS X. So far, I like everything except the "dynamically changing" compose area. Apr 8th from Nambu

    • Hummingbird flitting around the bottlebrush bush as I got into my car this morning. A gray day suddenly got brighter. Apr 9th

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    Tuesday March 31, 2009

    Twitterings - March 2009

    These are my Twitter entries for March.

    • Finished the latest "paranormal sci-fi romance" by Jayne Castle. Nice to get back to planet Harmony. This one has a dust bunny named Elvis. Mar 1st

    • Jayne Castle book is "Dark Light", 5th in set. I reviewed the first two books in my weblog: - enjoyable light reading. Mar 1st

    • @kenarnold Some people don't know when to give up. Correlated with mental state? Crazy ideas, repeat, repeat in hopes that result changes?1 Mar 1st in reply to kenarnold

    • @jodiontheweb My favorite 'as seen on TV' type commercial is the One and Only Ginsu Knife. It Slices! It Dices! Cuts Tin Cans and Tomatoes! Mar 1st in reply to jodiontheweb

    • "It's like... like we're friends sharing our day." Twitter in comics. @krisdresen has posted another Max & Lily strip. Mar 1st

    • My favorite breakfast at our favorite diner: Eggs Florentine. Eggs, tomatoes, spinach, cheese sauce. Large, yum, and just as tasty reheated. Mar 1st

    • Yes, I did indeed just tweet what I had for breakfast. In (dis)honor of the latest "doesn't get it" article on Twitter Mar 1st

    • Via @inhabitots, the Trad "whimsical tree": - 'Perhaps the designers will make a big enough, “family” sized Trad'. Mar 1st

    • Reading @jeffjarvis: "Papers' mistake was giving away ads (not content)." at -- I tend to agree. What do you think? Mar 1st

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    Sunday March 1, 2009

    Twitterings - February 2009

    These are my Twitter entries for February.

    • Om nom nom. Bagels and lox for brunch today. "House of Bagels" bagels; real bagels (boiled and baked) none of that bread fluff stuff. Solid. Feb 1st

    • Laughing at today's @ICHCheezburger. My cats would never sit still for this! Would yours? Feb 1st

    • Heh. Me too. / RT @megfowler: i'm a weird combo of absurdly outgoing and performance-oriented and totally shy and observant. Feb 1st

    • Apparently the Splendid Bowl is today. We don't follow bowling... But I liked @jrnoded's comment: "Giant sized cookie mixing competition?" Feb 1st

    • apelad You didn't like the Apple 1984 ad? (I count my favorite SuperBowl ads on one finger. :-) Feb 1st in reply to apelad

    • I've never watched the SuperBowl but was at a Usenix conference in Jan. 1984. People tuned in & gathered round for the Apple Mac intro ad. Feb 1st

    • @dajobe Congratulations on the Green Card! Hip, hip, hoorah! Feb 2nd in reply to dajobe

    • RT @inhabitat: Cute organic textile munchie toys for tots. / "pbj sandwich"; "bagel & lox"; "hamburger". Omnomnomsquishy. Feb 2nd

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    Wednesday December 31, 2008

    Twitterings - December 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for December

    • Cloudy grey day. Foggy this morning, now high overcast. Dismal. I want to be home with my kitties, not in an office building 40 miles away. 3:20 PM Dec 1st

    • RT @ariherzog: How Twitter Can Simplify Book Reviews: (How to condense 670 words to 20 w/o losing the message.) 8:11 AM Dec 3rd

    • At Work. Foggy again. Snail sliding slowly across the nearest windowpane. I could watch the snail for an hour but, sadly, I must log in now. 8:13 AM Dec 3rd

    • December 3 is the Expression error: unrecognised punctuation character "{"th day of the year. (Oops :-) 9:58 AM Dec 3rd

    • The Company has declared "The Christmas Season" to be upon us. Greenery, a decorated tree, and poinsettias in every lobby. I miss November. 4:36 PM Dec 3rd

    • Ugh. Catered meeting down the hall had a poorly set-up chafing dish over a sterno flame. No water under the food. Burnt to a crisp. Smoky. 1:40 PM Dec 4th

    • Just discovered from @caltrain that my usual afternoon train was delayed today (I took earlier train). Morning SNAFU also missed. Lucky me! 8:26 PM Dec 4th

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    Tuesday December 2, 2008

    Twitterings - November 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for November, 2008
    • November comes in with a splash. Gray and drippy. It's been raining since midnight. California's Wet season has begun. 10:18 AM Nov 1st

    • Bought a cat flap today to install in the sliding door between bedroom and screenporch. It's too chilly at night now to leave the door open. 1:31 PM Nov 1st

    • @RhodesTer - But of course, cats are telepathic. No need to type to tweet! Just beam your thoughts at the nearest hooman, and back to sleep. 3:50 PM Nov 1st

    • Just commented on MacWorld's article "8 Ways to Use Twitter". Confused readers repeating "I just don't get it". 7:56 PM Nov 1st

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    Sunday November 9, 2008

    Change, Hope, and Looking Forward

    I didn't follow the election results on Tuesday. I don't like suspense. (I'm a person who reads the ends of books first.) Also, I knew nothing was sure until it happened. And I remembered November 2000 all too clearly.

    But I looked after I woke up and I relaxed for the first time in months. We did it. We won. ...
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    Thursday October 2, 2008

    Twitterings - September 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for September.

    • Parents flew home to PA today. Called half an hour ago to say they'd arrived. Good visit. Nice to see them. Back to normal routine tomorrow. September 02, 2008

    • Guy in the train had duffle bag on the seat, backpack on the floor (by my feet). But Bombardier cars, with tables. Lose some, win some. September 04, 2008

    • @mogrifette - Poor little kitteh. So good you found him. I luvs the brown tabbies. Smoochies! September 05, 2008

    • Two Very Fascinated cats! Something under Rich's sandal? Ah. There's a spider. Excuse me while I kill it. Thank you, noble spider spotters. September 06, 2008

    • Color/hue test: via @ceonyc. I scored 51. :( Probably shouldn't try on laptop at night w/ fluorescent lamp overhead. September 06, 2008

    • The problem with warm summery nights with windows open is the people who feel it's OK to talk Loudly out on the street, after 10pm. Go home. September 06, 2008

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    Tuesday September 9, 2008

    Twitterings - August 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for August.
    • The problem with trying to troubleshoot and debug code when you're sleepy is: you make Really Stupid Mistakes and can't see them. ... August 01, 2008

    • @jemmons- Say what you will about Microsoft software, Excel it's actually a pretty well-designed and -written application. August 01, 2008

    • I'm having good luck with the cats' current lawn. Frequent watering, frequent trimming, and letting it "rest" help! August 01, 2008

    • @KathySierra- Aw, what a wonderful horsefriend. Cat people relate to the clip too. He's just a big pussycat! I wanna rub all that mane too! August 01, 2008

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    Friday August 15, 2008


    if you remember odd or funny things from when you were small or growing up, just add #thewaywewere and tell me about it!

    Meg Fowler started a Twitter meme today, #thewaywewere. I posted two:

    When I was 5, I liked wearing empty glasses frames. We knew I'd eventually need glasses. Didn't get lenses till third grade.

    My elementary school cafeteraia had good food. Peanut butter & honey sandwiches. Chocolate drop cookies. Great meat loaf.

    Thinking back... ...
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    Tuesday August 5, 2008


    The San Francisco Chronicle is researching a story on Algebra class.
    Remember that algebra course you probably had to take in high school? Chances are you either loved it — or it led to a hatred of math. Now [California] is going to be requiring eighth graders to solve for that elusive "x." For a story she is working on that will run later this month, education reporter Jill Tucker wants to talk with people about their memories of algebra class and whether the knowledge ever comes in handy in real life.
    I grew up in central Pennsylvania. In my school system, we had "Math I" in 7th grade. If you did well in that, you went on to
    • 8th grade Algebra I
    • 9th grade Geometry
    • 10th grade Algebra II
    • 11th grade Trigonometry
    • 12th grade Calculus
    If you didn't do so well in "Math I" you took Math II in 8th grade, then proceeded through the series, ending with Trigonometry in 12th grade. That was me. While most of my friends were taking Algebra I, I was taking Math II. ...
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    Sunday August 3, 2008

    Twitterings - July 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for July 2008.
    • I love Twitter but that didn't stop me from buying a FailWhale t-shirt. Available in standard white or classy black, at 10:32 AM July 02,2008

    • Spent much of the day working out a Javascript program to sort lists (including TOC) in TWiki. Eventually, success! Blog entry coming soon. 10:16 PM July 03,2008

    • @Ihnatko 1776 is my favorite play and one of my favorite movies. I saw the play on Broadway in 1972! I have many lines and songs in memory. 11:28 PM July 04,2008

    • @dlpasco Cider T. Cat is most handsome. Bebop sends headbutts and says "we do not care for the poppopfizzleboom noises. Pls make them stop." 11:31 PM July 04,2008

    • I'm trying a new way to feed TWiki friends to Twitter. This one uses pyTwerp. If it works (:-) this tweet will appear in @twikifriends rsn. 02:08 AM July 05,2008

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    Tuesday July 1, 2008

    Twitterings - June 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for June 2008.

    • Mac OS X TimeMachine got badly confused. It has no log to speak of; "failed" is not a helpful error message. Deleted some backups. OK now. 12:16 PM June 05, 2008

    • Interesting pricing of bell peppers (per pound) at grocery. Green $1.59; Red $2.49; Orange or Yellow $5.99. Why such a dramatic difference? 09:13 PM June 05, 2008

    • Transferring the contents of 500mg Vit C gel caps to half doses. Cat helping with the empties. Snuffle. Patpat. Munch. He ate most of them. 08:53 PM June 06, 2008

    • Lovely day. Clear, blue sky. Wind speed 5mph. Bees floating about without being blown off course. Opening windows. Enjoying this Saturday. 11:07 AM June 07, 2008

    • Found at the store, Canada Dry Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale. (Well, of course it's sparkling). Liking both ingredients, I tried it. Tasty. 05:58 PM June 08, 2008

    • Speaking of ginger ale, a co-worker says he has twice been served a Coke + 7-up mixture passed off as "ginger ale" by a bartender. So wrong. 05:59 PM June 08, 2008

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    Sunday June 1, 2008

    Twitterings - May 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for May, 2008

    • @strawpoll - sometimes half empty, sometimes half full, maybe just bigger than it needs to be. It depends on the day and what's in my glass. May 01, 2008

    • Weird bugs in twhirl. It supports multiple accounts, but forgets the second every time. I'm getting tired of reopening and reconfiguring. :( May 02, 2008

    • Second twhirl problem. It can't run under two Mac OS X accounts at the same time. It crashes. Not so for other apps. Maybe an Adobe AIR bug? May 02, 2008

    • @strawpoll - 2. my email preference is and has always been for a desktop client. Though, I must admit web clients can be handy on occasion. May 05, 2008

    • Synchronicity - @strawpoll recently asked: Is the glass half full or half empty? Half of respondents answered each way. 50:50 half 'n half. May 05, 2008

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    Thursday May 1, 2008

    Twitterings - April 2008

    These are my Twitter entries for April.

    • I have discovered the Skype plugin for Adium (Mac OS X). Skype needs to run in the background, but the look and feel is now all of a piece. 12:40 PM April 01, 2008

    • Bebop had his teeth cleaned today. The vet gave him a mild painkiller shot to keep him from fighting. It also made him VERY affectionate. 01:58 PM April 08, 2008

    • I have co-workers on a conference call. Three of them, scattered throughout the area. I can hear every word perfectly. I hate the workplace. 09:20 AM April 09, 2008

    • A small flock (7 or 8) of white pelicans just circled over my building. Awesome. The Blue Angels in bird form. Air ballet. 11:09 AM April 10, 2008

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    Saturday April 19, 2008



    Rich and I celebrate our anniversary on the first Saturday after Income Tax Day. The day holds special significance for us. It's the day of Mike Tuchman's "After Tax Season" party for DC Mensa.

    Although we first met over six months before that night, and had run into each other at various events in between, Mike's party represents the special moment captured forever by Gary Larsen in one of my favorite Far Side cartoons. (Cartoonists must have spies at parties. That's definitely a Mensa party. :-)

    Rich suggests we can probably blame Mike's infamous Green Punch. I think we were just made for each other (you only need to look at the picture to see that!). But whatever the reason, that party marks a Very Special Date for us.

    It's been 25 years and we're both just as attractive as we were then! I love you, sweetie.

    Twenty-fifth - posted at Sat, 19 Apr, 22:48 Pacific | Comments (0)

    Monday March 31, 2008

    Twitterings - February/March 2008

    These are my Twitter entries (including Snibbles) for February and March.

    February 2008

    • @ryananderson- re: possible MicroYahooSoft, my emotions are largely triggered by my dislike of seeing M$ "buy" any company. 09:27 AM February 01, 2008

    • M$ has a track record of assimilating companies, killing off the useful parts. Also, I dislike monopolies. Diversity is A Good Thing (tm). 09:29 AM February 01, 2008

    • @eigosays he's cut out people he followed who make Blog update announcements. I LIKE the people I follow to send blog updates to Twitter! 12:45 PM February 01, 2008

    • Classic Twitter Post - lunch! Turkey, warm, with mayo and cranberry sauce on excellent sourdough bread (Raymond' s; local to the SF area.) 12:56 PM February 01, 2008

    • @megfowler- I've not seen the "ignored" variant. What bugs me is when they complain to everyone else BUT me. Just tell me the problem, OK?! 01:18 PM February 01, 2008

    • Snibbles: The Hawaii Chair??: This would drive me bonkers. 03:21 PM February 01, 2008

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    Thursday January 31, 2008

    Twitterings - January 2008

    These are my Twitter entries (including Snibbles) for January.

    • @rentzsch - we've been running Mac OS X 10.4 as a dedicated server for a year now. Replaced FreeBSD 4. We're very happy with the results. 11:30 AM January 01, 2008

    • @rentzsch - point taken (sigh). If you walk beyond the lights, things do get a little weird. 11:46 AM January 01, 2008

    • @rentzsch - Lightbulb Moment! I missed the meaning of the ultimate S. Yes. We tried and discarded OS X Server as a platform. Too odd. (Duh). 12:48 PM January 01, 2008

    • Freecycle is wonderful. Rich just gave away two large boxes of foam blocks. One man's junk... 06:04 PM January 01, 2008

    • The Emotional Toll and Opportunity Costs of Corporate Battle - I added my thoughts in the comments. 02:54 PM January 03, 2008

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    Tuesday January 1, 2008

    Twitterings - December 2007

    These are my Twitter entries (including Snibbles) for December.
    • Snibbles: Ratatouille: Have you seen it yet? It's WONderful! 03:37 AM December 05
    • Snibbles: Cranberry Sauce: We found a simple and tasty recipe for cranberry sauce. 03:33 AM December 09
    • Got my Pleo yesterday! Woke him up and petted him. Cats were... fascinated (from a safe distance). 08:30 AM December 11
    • Brought Pleo into Work today to show off. I do wish he went for more than an hour on a charge though. Not much time. 11:33 AM December 12
    • My Pleo has a name. I'm calling him Yoshi. 04:10 PM December 12
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    Monday December 31, 2007

    2007 - Year's End

    Year's end,
    all corners
    of this floating world, swept.

    -- Basho
    All in all, it's been a good year.


    • Four cats. Soft fur.
    • Richard; my best friend.
    • I have a job that, most of the time, I like.
    • I have Co-workers I like.
    • The SF Bay Area — a good place to live.
    • Plenty of books.
    • We have our health.
    • Rich has a job.
    • Madeline Isabella Carranza
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    Saturday December 1, 2007

    Twitterings - November 2007

    These are my Twitter entries for November.
    • We have a Mandatory "Corp Purpose, Strategy and Culture" meeting scheduled from 3:15 to 6:15 pm today. I'm so not looking forward to this. 01:25 PM November 01
    • The meeting this afternoon is not only mandatory but with seating assignments. Welcome to adult kindergarten in Silicon Valley. 01:26 PM November 01
    • Enjoying the sun being up (just barely) when the alarm clock goes off. More light when I get to work. At least for a few weeks. 10:09 AM November 05
    • Scary comparison: Yahoo! vs Google front page. Time lapsed: 10 years. 10:11 AM November 05
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    Thursday November 1, 2007

    Twitterings - October 2007

    These are my Twitter entries for October.
    • The AC doesn't work well in the older model CalTrains. On the other hand, the car isn't crowded. And I'm under the air vent. :-) 05:22 PM October 01, 2007
    • Our favorite grocery store is being remodeled. The front windows are covered in plywood, wall to wall, floor to ceiling. Claustrophobic. 08:10 PM October 01, 2007
    • I'll be shopping at a different store until the windows are uncovered. 08:11 PM October 01, 2007
    • Working from home; surrounded by fur. Cat by my left hand. Cat above the keyboard. This is the way Work should be. 03:01 PM October 02, 2007
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    Monday October 1, 2007


    I've been using Twitter since early September. I'm having fun with it.

    These are my entries from September.

    • Reading back issues of
    • Black sedan this morning, license: BT MBEEL
    • Afternoon. One tiny patch of blue sky. At least it no longer looks like rain is imminent.
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    Monday February 13, 2006

    We've Come a Long Way, Baby

    When I wrote my Masters Thesis in 1984, I used nroff (a text formatting program) under Unix on a Sun 1 workstation (ser number 285). Rich wrote a driver for an IBM selectric typewriter which we connected as a printer. I hand-fed each sheet of paper, aligned it, pushed the button, checked the result, and reprinted the page if anything was wrong.

    It was all pretty high tech for the time. The Macintosh had only been announced in January of that year (and we didn't have one). The laser printer, now so common, would have been prohibitively expensive at that time (even if our computer could use it). A thesis printed on a "standard" dot-matrix printer would have been unacceptable. I was doing pretty well not to hire a typist!

    Fast forward... ...
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    Sunday December 25, 2005

    40 Years of A Charlie Brown Christmas

    2005 marked the 40th anniversary of "A Charlie Brown Christmas", the longest-running animated television special in history. I have watched at least 20 of those half-hour presentations, beginning with the very first one. (The only reason I haven't seen more is that, for the past 25 years, we have rarely watched television at all.) ...
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    Sunday October 31, 2004

    Ghosts of Halloweens Past

    Happy Halloween

    Heart's Gladness is... Halloween Memories

    Anibat1-5 My sister and I never wore "store-bought" costumes for Halloween (those stiff nylon things with plastic masks). Our mother was a consummate seamstress and a very creative person (she's still creative although I don't think she sews much anymore). Our costumes were always home-made and definitely creative.

    One year I was an... I'm not sure what she was exactly... but I was a little round lady in a red and white polka dotted dress, with a mob cap and a frilly parasol. Whatever she was, I loved her dearly and played dressup in the costume for years after.

    Frank1-6 One year I was Frankenstein's monster; the monster was about 7 feet tall. His monster's head was made from a KFC bucket, covered in white paper and colored green, with eyes and hair made from construction paper (and ears that stuck out!). I held a crosspiece of 2x2 wood which wore the monster's shirt (a stuffed sweatshirt of my Dad's, with stuffed arms). I also wore a pair of my Dad's pants (belted just under my arms) and pair of his shoes. The trick-or-treat bag was attached to the monster's hands (in stuffed gloves). I could barely see, looking down at my feet beyond the hem of the shirt and my sister, dressed as Igor, guided me around. It was a great costume. ...
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    Ghosts of Halloweens Past - posted at Sun, 31 Oct, 21:36 Pacific

    Sunday May 2, 2004

    Weekly Wrap-up (Apr 25 - May 01)

    April marked Rich's and my 21st anniversary, Squirrel's 4th anniversary with us and Raven's 1st anniversary! Happy, happy, everybody!

    The weather for the first half of last week was HOT — record high temperatures caused by a strong high pressure ridge. Yuck. We opened windows, turned on fans, and wore shorts. The weather finally broke on Thursday and the rest of the week was lovely, sunny, clear, and warm but not too hot.

    Raven and Bebop had their annual health checkups on Monday morning. Neither of them enjoyed it much. I was treated to kitty stereo on the drive to and from the vet. AwroOOOOO. ...
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    Weekly Wrap-up (Apr 25 - May 01) - posted at Sun, 02 May, 12:40 Pacific

    Sunday April 25, 2004

    Weekly Wrap-up (Apr 12 - Apr 24)

    One of my online writing groups, Journal Writing, posts several regular summarizing prompts, including
    "Wednesday's mid-week reflection"
    Take some time to write in your journal. What's happened so far this week?
    "Summary Saturday"
    What's the most important thing that's happened this week?
    and a bi-weekly prompt called "Check In".
    The list is like journaling. Sometimes life takes over and we don't have time to write like we'd like to, thus the check in.

    All members please take a minute to respond to this email. Let us know how you are doing, what's going on with you. How is your writing? How many pages have you completed in your journal since we last had roll call? Read any books you could recommend. Tried any new writing methods?

    A summarizing entry seems like a good idea. This is my summary of the past two weeks. ...
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    Weekly Wrap-up (Apr 12 - Apr 24) - posted at Sun, 25 Apr, 11:20 Pacific