Sunday March 10, 2013

I am an Introvert: Thank you

From many of the things I read online, I realize that I really need to say "Thank you" to my parents for the way they raised my sister and me.

Far too many people, growing up, were apparently told, pushed, or nudged in directions they didn't want to go, or directions that were just wrong for them, psychologically. They were told what to study (or what not to study). "You have to be a doctor." "You can't be a writer." "You'll never make money in that field."

I was the girl who wanted to take every possible science class. When that meant I wouldn't have a lunch period in 10th grade, and the Guidance Counselor objected, my Mom said "She wants to take that class. Let her take the class. The class is more important than lunch period."

Thank you.. (I never ate in the HS cafeteria anyway.) ...
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Wednesday February 13, 2013

Social Styles vs MBTI: A Type Epiphany

Many years ago, at least 5 years before I discovered the MBTI, I took a one-day workshop called "Managing Interpersonal Relationships", offered through my day job.

The workshop used one of the "4-Quadrant Personality Models" as a way to explain and improve team communications (aka "interpersonal relationships") in the workplace. In particular, it focused on the Social Styles model developed by David Merrill & Roger Reid. The Social Styles model theorizes that people operate with four distinct ways of interaction, or social styles: Analytical, Amiable, Driving and Expressive.

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Wednesday December 26, 2012

The MBTI is Nothing Like Astrology

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but I haven't had the right nudge until now. But today, someone gave me that nudge.

Every now and then, someone blathers about the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) being no better or worse than Astrology. The articles make for amusing punditry, but they miss an important point.

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Sunday June 10, 2012

Team Introvert


I recently shared this image with friends on Facebook. The image comes via Beth Beulow's Team Introvert Pinterest board.

One friend commented, "Wouldn't 'Team Introvert' be an oxymoron?"

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Saturday November 13, 2010

Highly Sensitive People and the Interruptive Workplace

Good News: I have a new manager and increased scope at Dayjob. My job title and description will be adjusted to formally recognize what I've actually been doing for the past three years.

Bad news: New manager wants me in the office "more often". It's the only point on which we disagree. But it's a big point. For some time now, I've been telecommuting three days a week.

Within a month of my starting work at this company (on a temporary "contract"), I asked to telecommute one day a week. When they offered to make the position permanent, I requested permission to telecommute two days a week. That (and a Mac on my desk :-) were my most important negotiating points before saying Yes.

About a year and a half ago, I increased my telecommuting to three days a week. As my commute time and exposure to noise and disruption have gone down, my stress levels have also gone down. The ability to telecommute is one of my top reasons for staying with this company.

Asking me to "be the office more" feels like a punishment for a job well done.

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Friday December 28, 2007

Tact Filters

In today's commentary, I discuss Jeff Bigler's "Tact Filter" theory. I agree with most of it. But, there's one piece I don't agree with...

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Friday October 12, 2007

Personality Types

I'm interested in the study of Personality Types. In today's commentary, I discuss some of my thoughts about Jung Typology, the Meyers Briggs Type Index (MBTI), and the Keirsey Temperament sorter.

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