Saturday July 30, 2016

The MBTI Is a Test (and the Unreliable Part is the Test Taker)

I've been participating (once again) in a Facebook discussion among people who claim that the MBTI is not a "valid" assessment because some people get a different four-letter code the second time they take the inventory. Many people can't bear the idea that the reason for a different result is as simple as the fact that they answered the questions differently. They don't want to investigate why that happened, so they blame "the test".

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Wednesday July 27, 2016

Late 19th/early 20th century tradition meets early 21st century tech

I filed a "Fictitious Business Name" application this month. The process seems, largely, to be stuck in the late 19th / early 20th centuries. According to San Mateo County, CA, the process requires:

Tuesday July 19, 2016

iTunes 12 violates Principle of Least Surprise

Someone at Apple apparently thinks it's great fun to change the UI every time an updated version of the software ships. For even more "fun", they have a habit of setting defaults that either change (or remove) features a long-time user has come to expect. Some of those features are changed forever. Sometimes, the user can find the right button to push (or terminal command to enter) to get back the behaviour they prefer.

Spouse and I have bumped into two such "features", in iTunes 12 ...
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Saturday July 9, 2016

Temperament is Clear Early in Life

I met a young NT today.

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