Tuesday January 5, 2016

Telecommuting May Perpetuate Increased Telecommuting

A Twitter friend shared a NYT article, yesterday, entitled Telecommuting Can Make the Office a Lonely Place, a Study Says. The <meta description...> tag on this article is "New research finds that off-site work can disrupt teamwork, alienate people who remain in the office and perpetuate increased telecommuting."


Another article about the same survey, published late last year in Business News Daily, is entitled Is Having Too Many Remote Workers Bad for Business?

Is having "too many" remote workers bad for business? I think the answer is... no. It may be "lonely" for some, but I see nothing in either article to indicate that increased remote work is bad for business. Many companies have made remote teams a cornerstone of their business model.

I'm afraid that my sympathy for this study is essentially non-existent. Also, I want the name of the unnamed "Fortune 100 Company in Silicon Valley" (singular) on which the study was based.

I want to apply for a job. ...
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