Thursday July 23, 2015

Solar Home

We have been thinking about adding solar collectors for a long time, dithering over technologies, worrying about installation and maintenance, etc. When the public school in our neighborhood put in an 8190 sq. ft. array (6 rows of 91 3'x5' panels), we knew we should try to get on board. However, it's always been too expensive. Until now.

Rich ran across a mention of SolarCity in January of this year. He started looking into what they offer; he talked to a representative. They sent us a proposal; discussions went back and forth. Eventually, we signed up, hooked up, and became reasonably happy campers.

Note: If, after reading this post, you decide to buy from SolarCity, please let them know that you learned about them from us. You'll get a month of free power and we'll get a tasty referral bonus!

Continued... in our wiki.

See also: Solar Alliance for additional information on Solar Energy.

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Friday July 17, 2015

Tea on Ice

A story about cold tea, brought on by a memory triggered by my mug of tea going cool. ...
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Saturday July 4, 2015

My Labels, My Choice

Hello I'm

I just ran across this question in a LinkedIn group:

Do Typology Instruments Box People Into a Category Using Labeling?

My understanding is that Jung did not mean for his theories to be used as "labels." He meant them to help people grow and develop beyond a way of being. I have often heard people say things like, "I'm an INFP" or something similar. It makes me think people take these letters as a personality label and I am uncomfortable with that rigid interpretation.

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Saturday July 4, 2015

Lifetime Achievements

I was born in January of 1960, in central Pennsylvania. I grew up in State College, a University town dubbed a "statistical metropolis". It was (and still is) a pleasant and progressive place to grow up.

A lot has happened in the past 50+ years, not just for me but for the world. ...
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