Friday October 17, 2014

Loma Prieta - Remembering 1989

October 17, 1989. 17:04 Pacific time.

25 years ago.

I was on CA 85, having left work (at Apple, in Cupertino), heading north to pick up hubby Rich where he was working in Mountain View. The car bucked; I pulled over, thinking I had a blown tire. A lot of cars pulled over. Hmmmm.

At the side of the road, a transformer was sparking. Apparently, we'd had an earthquake.

We all got back in our cars. I continued to Mountain View, where Rich was waiting in the parking lot. He said "There was an earthquake." So far, to misquote C3PO from Star Wars Episode 4, "The damage didn't look so bad from out here." ...
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Friday October 17, 2014

Hello Ello

I recently joined Ello. It's still in Beta, by invitation, but gaining users (and features). I'm enjoying it.

I especially like the mix of Twitter-like discovery and non-reciprocal following with FB-style conversation threads. Most of the early users of Ello are designers, artists, photographers and writers. It has a very creative feeling.

Every time I discover (and sign up for) a new Social Media platform, I ask myself "What will I use this one for?". I already use Twitter (short status), Facebook (longer status, discussions), and (occasionally) Google+ (more technically-oriented posts). What can Ello add for me?

I've decided to let the early adopters drive the meaning. I am using Ello for photos, non-technical discussion, sharing, essays, and short creative writing. That may change, over time, but it's a good fit for me at this time. ...
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Sunday October 12, 2014

Macbook Air does not wake from sleep as expected

Recently, I discovered that my 13-inch, Mid 2011 Macbook Air was not waking from sleep as expected when I opened the cover, even if I tapped the spacebar. I needed to press the power key. This was annoying because if the power key is held down too long, the laptop restarts. Ugh. ...
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