Friday September 12, 2014

Thirty Years Ago This Month

Thirty years ago this month (Sept 1984), we packed everything into a 24-ft U-Haul truck with a VW camper minibus on a tow bar, and drove across the country from Fort Washington, Maryland, to Walnut Creek, California (2830 miles).

The original plan was to rent a house (owned by a friend who was moving to Hawaii for a few years) in Walnut Creek. However, the night before we got into the truck to drive west, we received a phone call. The house had been sold (surprise!). We could stay one night in that house when we arrived and the friend put us in touch with a real estate agent to help us find a different house to rent.

The trip wasn't bad, not really, but you could say that the phone call the night before we started rather set the tone. ...
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