Saturday July 19, 2014

My Brain on EEG

I'm a Science Geek. I've loved Science, of all kinds, for as long as I can remember. I majored in Science from High School on and got my University degree in Microbiology (although I work with computers). In College, I also discovered Psychology and participated in as many Psych labs as I could, whether for extra credit or not.

I love learning about how the brain works. When Rich and I discovered Jeff Hawkins' book, On Intelligence, we purchased additional copies to give or lend to friends and family.

in 1994, I discovered the MBTI and I've been fascinated by it ever since. So, you might guess that I want to learn everything I can when science, brain studies, and the MBTI intersect! Or, as Dario Nardi put it:

Ah, the magic of Type + neuroscience... :-)
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