Sunday April 27, 2014


I had an interview two days ago... One of the questions stumped me.

The manager asked "Tell me about some challenges you've faced."

Now, I know from reading Ask A Manager (AAM) that the subtext is "work challenges that can be related to the position we're talking about." So, even if I broke my toe and yet needed to climb a mountain to rescue an old granny and her dog before they were evicted, that isn't what he's looking for...

Also from reading AAM, I know that I should not bring up any interpersonal or political issues, and most of my "challenges" over the years have been interpersonal (manager interaction).

And, finally, I'm a typical introvert; we need time to think. This wasn't a question I had prepared for because it wasn't a question I expected. Maybe that surprises you, but it wasn't a question I'd been asked before. ...
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Tuesday April 22, 2014

"Fun" with front-line tech support

On April 14, I sent a bug report to because a video I watched claimed to have "subtitles in 7 languages". But I could find no way -- no button to click -- to get subtitles in any language. I could only locate the (supposedly "interactive") transcript, on a separate page.

Back and forth we went with the so-called support people arguing with me.

They said 'Once you press play on a talk, the video's menu bar will appear below. If subtitles/captions are available for the talk they will appear as a list when you click on the 'Subtitles' button in the lower right corner.

I repeated that there was no such button.

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Friday April 11, 2014

Why Most Unit Testing is a Waste

I just finished reading "Why Most Unit Testing is a Waste", a paper (PDF) by James O Coplien.

I spent several years working as a "Quality Lead" in two companies that were writing Operating System code in C++. Unit Testing was "in" at the time (and the engineers would write their own tests and that would make the product better and the process more efficient!) From my background, you might assume (correctly) that this topic is of interest to me.

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