Tuesday July 16, 2013

E:signature verification failed

Updating an Android OS Manually (With Hiccups)

I recently upgraded my Android mobile device from a Motorola Droid Bionic to a Samsung Galaxy S III. I love the new Galaxy, but the Bionic still works as a "hand-held computer". After all, it has WiFi, telnet, shell access... I decided to check to see if it was possible to update the OS.

  • Good news: yes, there are updates.
  • Bad news: it should not be this difficult to install an update!

The first thing I did was try Verizon's recommended approach.

Settings > About phone > System Updates

There was an update available. I selected Download. Then I waited...
      and waited...
              and waited...

while the Bionic claimed

Download suspended. Will resume shortly...

for several days.

That's right. Days.

There had to be a better way. ...
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