Wednesday April 17, 2013

Where Did My Rich Text Mail Go?

Up until sometime today, my incoming email was in Rich Text (HTML) mode if that's the way the sender sent it. I send my mail out in plain text, but I was happy to read mail in whatever form the sender preferred. In many cases, Rich Text really is better.

Today, something changed. I started seeing all of my incoming mail in Plain Text mode. Ugh. ...
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Monday April 15, 2013

How (Not) to Eat Fried Worms

We discovered a "new" SF Bay Area restaurant today: Coconut Bay Street Cafe (Thai). It's located at 1300 Howard St in Burlingame (CA).

We came in largely by accident; the restaurant we initially planned to eat at turned out to close between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. We arrived just at 3pm. Pfooie!.

We had passed Coconut Bay Street Cafe on the way to our original destination. When, disappointed and lunchless, we headed back to the car, we noticed that CBSC was open.

So, we went in. ...
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