Wednesday August 15, 2012

The War Against Outliers

An article in Forbes suggests that people without Facebook accounts may be viewed with suspicion. This is based, largely, on: a Slashdot story (flagging a German news story), a woman who wrote to an advice column, and anecdotal evidence of job seekers and employers wondering aloud "about what it means if a job candidate doesn't have a Facebook account".

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Saturday August 11, 2012

Harry & Harriet Homeowner Repair Their La-Z-Boy Sofa

Nearly 20 years ago, Rich and I purchased a La-Z-Boy recliner sofa and a pair of recliner chairs with swivel bases. They have held up remarkably well under heavy use from humans and cats. The upholstery still feels and looks good and the frames and mechanisms (with one exception) have been solid.

The sole exception has been the (stage)right foot rest on the couch: it has been having problems in closing for a few years. About 6 months ago, the problem became quite a bit more serious: I was unable to close that footrest, so getting up (particularly without disturbing kitties) became an awkward exercise. ...
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