Thursday June 14, 2012

In Line at the Checkout Stand

After breakfast today, we went to the grocery store to get Cheerios, bagels, tomatoes, string cheese... I avoided the muffins. I'm trying not to eat sugar.

When I got to the front, there was one other customer, a woman who had been nattering at the manager (call him Ralph) for the past 10 minutes at least (I had passed them earlier). Apparently, Ralph is a friend of hers.

She finished with him and took her groceries to the checkout counter just as I arrived.

There was only one checker. ...
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Sunday June 10, 2012

Team Introvert


I recently shared this image with friends on Facebook. The image comes via Beth Beulow's Team Introvert Pinterest board.

One friend commented, "Wouldn't 'Team Introvert' be an oxymoron?"

Would it? Read more in commentary...

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Tuesday June 5, 2012

Pinterest Explained

Recently in Twitter, someone asked:

... could somebody explain Pinterest to me? I literally do not understand what I'm looking at.

There were several replies, mostly suggesting that it's largely used by women to save pictures of their imaginary lives or their dream weddings. The original poster also added:

...Ordinarily I scoff at the very idea that the UI of a service could have a gender bias, but with Pinterest it seems true.
It's not true. That's certainly what some people use Pinterest for but that doesn't "explain Pinterest". ...
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Sunday June 3, 2012

Never Assume (Trust But Verify)

The job description read, in part:
  • 5+ years experience working with Windows, Mac and Linux systems, including systems administration for all three
I do know how to use Windows but I am much happier, and far more productive, when most of my general work can be done on Mac OS X. I can do "system administration" on Windows (or Linux) machines but prefer to make notes, handle email & calendar, and use web applications on a Mac desktop system.

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Saturday June 2, 2012

Our Industrious Day

Our industrious day:
  1. breakfast at the diner

  2. fixing the garage door 1/2. The "spool" at one end had gone out of sync with its mate, causing the door to have a 1" or so gap at one end when it was "closed". Rich used vice grips with a chain jaw to twist the spool to get it back in sync.

  3. trip to Lowes for parts, new bird feeder, and 1 roll of turf grass

  4. setting up new bird feeder - fine wire mesh should hold small seed and discourage(?) woodrats from gnawing.

  5. fixing the garage door, 2/2. While working on the first part, we realized that the weather stripping was old and tearing. New weather stripping installed. arms hurt.

  6. installing a new lawn for the cats
    • buy turf
    • remove old, dead grass
    • break up dirt
    • wet down, mix, create mud!
    • place new turf
    • cover
    The kitties will not be happy to be unable to sit in their lawn for a few days.

  7. Time for a nap!

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