Sunday August 21, 2011

My Name is Me

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My name is Vicki. That's not the name on my birth certificate or how the IRS knows me. It _is_ the name my mother gave me.

My mother didn't give her daughters a name and then call us by a shortened version. She gave us each a name as well as a longer "formal" name to use for things like banks and taxes.

Which is my "real name"? For me, it's not the one on my driver's license. ...
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Wednesday August 10, 2011

"I don't want Borders to go."

This evening as they were driving along, the child suddenly looked very happy. She shouted and laughed, "Lets go to Borders Book Store."

Grandpa explained they couldn't because Borders were out of business. A while later he looked in the mirror.

She was sitting very quietly. Her face was all scrunged up. The tears where slowly flowing.

"Are you crying"? he asked. She slowly, silently nodded. "Why?", he asked.

A little four-year-old forlorn voice answered, "Borders is gone. I don't want Borders to go."

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