Sunday January 10, 2010

Privacy in the Internet Age

I read an article today, in Read Write Web, on Facebook's "privacy changes". The headline screamed "Facebook's Zuckerberg Says The Age of Privacy is Over" .

Well, apparently that's not actually what Zuckerberg said. That was an interpretation for a sensationalist headline.

Read my commentary.

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Sunday January 3, 2010

A Year in Tweets

Inspired by Facebook's "Year in Status" application, I excerpted "A Year in Tweets".

♥  Happy New Year Pacific Standard Time USA! Wishing you all everything you hope for in 2009. Time to turn off lights and watch for fireworks.  ♥  Gorgeous day. Sunny. Blue sky streaked with whispy clouds. Clear as far as I can see. Sailboats dot the Bay. Perfect view. How's your day?  ♥  Oh not again! Now we're having a peanut butter scare. No reports of contaminated peanut butter in CA, but it's been pulled from the cafe. :(  ♥  Just removed a tuft of cat fur from under my trackball. Wondering how the ball has been working with that in it. A marvel of technology.  ♥  The cat says it's 4pm. At 4pm, on days when I work from home, it's "Stop Typing and Pay Attention to the Cats" time. Plus crunchy snacks.  ♥  ...
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Saturday January 2, 2010

A Year in Twitter (Word Cloud)

I generated a TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: people, time, love.


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