Friday August 28, 2009

The Universe Has a Wry Sense of Humor

Rich was trying to find some new bolts for a floor lamp that we got at a garage sale. (The vertical pole was loose from both the flexible neck and the base). We also have one complete lamp, so he had a couple of sample bolts to measure.

His thread gauge said the bolts were a match for #8-36. But when he tried to find that size, everyone he called (including a specialty store for bolts) said they'd never heard of #8-36 bolts.

Hmmmm; could they be metric? ...
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Saturday August 1, 2009

Twitterings - July 2009

These are my Twitter entries for July.
  • We have a flock of chickadees in the backyard (chirp). They come to the feeder, preen, get one seed and fly off. To and fro. Tweet chirp. 10:15 AM Jul 7th

  • We have nuthatches as well as chickadees. I love little birds. I want to stroke their little heads and the downy feathers on their chests. 10:18 AM Jul 7th

  • Big blue Scrub Jay at the feeder. Squirrel cat says "Meep!" 9:54 AM Jul 10th

  • RT @Colleen_Graffy: Idea: what if there were Twitter Prompters who offered services to encourage, remind, prod & prompt?? Just a thought. 4:38 PM Jul 11th

  • ...
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