Tuesday June 30, 2009

Twitterings - June 2009

These are my Twitter entries for June.

  • Telephones do not belong in cubicle environments. :-( If you need to call someone, find a room with a door and close it. 9:39 AM Jun 4th

  • Once again, the cubicle fairies have come while I was away. I never see them. Perhaps I should leave out a bowl of mocha for them? 12:50 PM Jun 10th

  • (I've placed several Facilities requests since moving into this new cube. All requests have been silently filled; I never see anyone come/go 12:52 PM Jun 10th

  • We're on the 3rd floor in the new building. It's "well sprung". The floor bounces when people walk. I remind myself it's not an earthquake. 1:30 PM Jun 10th

  • @apelad http://twitpic.com/72l25 - Awww. I think I love it just like this. It has a lot of character. Yap! 2:49 PM Jun 10th

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