Thursday April 30, 2009

Twitterings - April 2009

These are my Twitter entries for April.

  • April 1 is not my favorite day of the year. Still, I always enjoy checking out and today. They work hard for this. Apr 1st

  • A sentiment I can agree with. OH: I'm tired of the culture of 'No'. Apr 1st

  • My sister is in town for 4 days of Training sessions. We're meeting her (and a coworker) in The City tonight for dinner. Should be fun. Apr 1st

  • Dear man on the train platform, bouncing (not jogging) in place. It's 07:15. Could you do that later? And somewhere else. Apr 2nd

  • I'm 30min into a 'required' 90min meeting that pretty much has no relationship to my Job. I hope the Company is getting its money's worth Apr 2nd

  • 50 people in the room. At least 16 laptops. Most of the laptops open. I hear keys gently clicking. How many people are paying attention? Apr 2nd

  • Some people appear totally focused on laptops. Why are they here? Why am _I_ here? The "joys" of mandatory meetings. Can't mandate value. Apr 2nd

  • Company TWiki upgraded to 4.2.4 last night. All sorts of bugs crawling out of the woodwork today. Some real (filed). Some user-related. Ugh. Apr 3rd

  • In the Mall yesterday, I discovered I simply had to have a Hallmark "Gotta Hop" bunny. He makes me laugh. Watch video! Apr 5th

  • Trying Nambu, the new Twitter client for Mac OS X. So far, I like everything except the "dynamically changing" compose area. Apr 8th from Nambu

  • Hummingbird flitting around the bottlebrush bush as I got into my car this morning. A gray day suddenly got brighter. Apr 9th

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