Tuesday March 31, 2009

Twitterings - March 2009

These are my Twitter entries for March.

  • Finished the latest "paranormal sci-fi romance" by Jayne Castle. Nice to get back to planet Harmony. This one has a dust bunny named Elvis. Mar 1st

  • Jayne Castle book is "Dark Light", 5th in set. I reviewed the first two books in my weblog: http://bit.ly/6ZDeS - enjoyable light reading. Mar 1st

  • @kenarnold Some people don't know when to give up. Correlated with mental state? Crazy ideas, repeat, repeat in hopes that result changes?1 Mar 1st in reply to kenarnold

  • @jodiontheweb My favorite 'as seen on TV' type commercial is the One and Only Ginsu Knife. It Slices! It Dices! Cuts Tin Cans and Tomatoes! Mar 1st in reply to jodiontheweb

  • "It's like... like we're friends sharing our day." Twitter in comics. @krisdresen has posted another Max & Lily strip. http://bit.ly/OLm7p1 Mar 1st

  • My favorite breakfast at our favorite diner: Eggs Florentine. Eggs, tomatoes, spinach, cheese sauce. Large, yum, and just as tasty reheated. Mar 1st

  • Yes, I did indeed just tweet what I had for breakfast. In (dis)honor of the latest "doesn't get it" article on Twitter http://is.gd/l4NG1 Mar 1st

  • Via @inhabitots, the Trad "whimsical tree": http://tinyurl.com/d2rndk - 'Perhaps the designers will make a big enough, “family” sized Trad'. Mar 1st

  • Reading @jeffjarvis: "Papers' mistake was giving away ads (not content)." at http://ginx.com/-OPlo -- I tend to agree. What do you think? Mar 1st

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Sunday March 1, 2009

Twitterings - February 2009

These are my Twitter entries for February.

  • Om nom nom. Bagels and lox for brunch today. "House of Bagels" bagels; real bagels (boiled and baked) none of that bread fluff stuff. Solid. Feb 1st

  • Laughing at today's @ICHCheezburger. My cats would never sit still for this! Would yours? http://tinyurl.com/djnyby Feb 1st

  • Heh. Me too. / RT @megfowler: i'm a weird combo of absurdly outgoing and performance-oriented and totally shy and observant. Feb 1st

  • Apparently the Splendid Bowl is today. We don't follow bowling... But I liked @jrnoded's comment: "Giant sized cookie mixing competition?" Feb 1st

  • apelad You didn't like the Apple 1984 ad? (I count my favorite SuperBowl ads on one finger. :-) Feb 1st in reply to apelad

  • I've never watched the SuperBowl but was at a Usenix conference in Jan. 1984. People tuned in & gathered round for the Apple Mac intro ad. Feb 1st

  • @dajobe Congratulations on the Green Card! Hip, hip, hoorah! Feb 2nd in reply to dajobe

  • RT @inhabitat: Cute organic textile munchie toys for tots. http://bit.ly/T0iz / "pbj sandwich"; "bagel & lox"; "hamburger". Omnomnomsquishy. Feb 2nd

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