Saturday May 31, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_22

Three Weeks since my last Weekly Wrapup. The days have contained much fuss and bother, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing much worth sharing, really.

I called Mom to say Happy Mothers' Day. She said they'd taken the Brownies to the Community Theatre to see a production called "Queen Moya and the Magic Cupcake".

We had a heat wave, several days of Quite Warm weather followed by the fog coming in and the default breeze coming back. ...
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Friday May 30, 2008

Treasures 2008_22

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel.
-- Author Unknown

These are my Treasures for the past fortnight.

  • A cooling breeze

  • A soaring hawk

  • Albioni's "Adagio"

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Thursday May 22, 2008

Fairy Doors


Fairies are settling in the Michigan college town of Ann Arbor. At least, that's what artist Jonathon Wright would like you to believe.

All across the city, "fairy doors" are popping up. The miniature openings into imagined fairy homes are unsponsored, unauthorized works of public art that have captured the imagination of the city.

-- The Wee Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Mich.

The first door appeared in 1993. Now there are many, showing up at shops. The doors delight customers , adults and children alike.
The first "door" to make media headlines appeared on April 2005 outside Sweetwaterz Cafe at 123 West Washington in Ann Arbor...Six inches tall, white wood, with a jamb carved in miniature bricks...

"Fairy Doors" in Strange Corridor

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Saturday May 17, 2008


In today's commentary, I consider the meaning of "surprise"

Read my commentary...

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Friday May 16, 2008

Treasures 2008_20

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
-- Albert Einstein

These are my Treasures for the past fortnight.

  • Rich, home from a long-weekend out-of-town trip.

  • Toffee Banana

  • Long John Silvers Seafood Shoppe - now just a few miles from my house!

  • Positive feedback from some co-workers whose opinions I respect.

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Wednesday May 14, 2008

Artichoke Nails

I cook artichokes in a pressure cooker. It takes about 15 minutes for the 6" diameter ones. But even then, the outer leaves may be a bit waterlogged while the heart is still a bit, shall we say, crunchy.

Recently, we had an idea. What if we jammed an aluminum potato nail up through the stem before cooking? ...
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Tuesday May 13, 2008

Twitter - Do You Get It?

Many years ago, my sister came home from school and shared a joke a friend had told her. We laughed. Then she told us what her friend said after he told the joke:

"Do you get it?! Do you get it?!

I don't get it."

More recently, a co-worker sent me a link to a question posted at YCombinator Hacker News:

Ask YC: Why should I care about Twitter?
Are many of our news.YC users also Twitter users? What do you find that you like about Twitter?

Reading the comments, I was reminded again that there are Two Kinds of People: Those who "get it" (in this case, Twitter) and those who don't. How can something so apparently simple be so difficult to understand?

Maybe because it's so simple. ...
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Sunday May 11, 2008


Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send "updates" (or "tweets"); text-based posts, up to 140 characters
Up to 140 characters...

In January, @jobsworth asked When you tweet, how does your instinct deal with the 140 limit? Do you find yourself "cutting back", "padding out" or "leaving as is"?

I don't much care for really short posts, either to write or to read. I want some value for the tweet. Most of the people I follow post a few sentences most of the time, not just a few words. My own tweets have tended toward 100+ characters, give or take, always in complete sentences.

On occasion I've had to cut back when what I wanted to say went over 140, but most of the time, I just typed what I wanted to say and then sent it. Then I discovered tweet140. ...
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Saturday May 10, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_19

The weather was Windy (Duh. It's May)

Rich was away for the weekend, visiting his dad. The cats and I cocooned together.

On Saturday. Bebop jumped onto the table by the couch. The table shifted, pulling the wirelss keyboard off onto the floor where two of the keys flew off when it hit. Ping ping! It took me quite a while to find the second key.

On the positive side, the floor is now cleaner behind the table. Lots of dust mice and paper balls (i.e. cat toys) removed. :) And the keyboard is now stored in the cabinet with the DVD player. ...
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Friday May 9, 2008

From Microhoo to Lunch

In the wake of the Yahoo!-MicroSoft brouhaha, Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang wrote
there's a reason why we're the only fortune 500 company with an exclamation point at the end of our name, and now is the time to demonstrate what that exclamation point stands for.
To which a friend of mine responded: What about Yum! Brands? (OK, you could say that the ! is in the middle but the logo is Yum!).

Yum! owns several fast food favorites, including Pizza Hut, KFC, and Long John Silver's.

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Tuesday May 6, 2008

Now Using Twitterific

I have started following Twitter using Twitterific from The Icon Factory (Mac OS X only). I'm not 100% in love with Twitterific, but I like it well enough to pay the (optional) registration fee. I figure registering gives me a better chance of success when filing feature requests. :-) (Registration also makes the ads disappear.) ...
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Saturday May 3, 2008

Treasures 2008_18

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island
and at the bottom of the Spanish Main ...
and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.

- Walter Elias Disney

These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • Waking up to cuddly cats

  • Our new wireless anemometer

  • License plate on a limo: LAVISH 1

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Friday May 2, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up 2008_18

The weather was lovely, with wind speeds ranging from 1.3 mph to 15 according to our new wireless anemometer (installed Tuesday morning.)

We had a small flood on Sunday. A fresh water bottle apparently leaked. Five gallons of water soaked into the rug in the downstairs room before I realized what was happening. Ooh. Splugh.

Good news, no wood subfloor down there. It's concrete with linoleum tile over top. ...
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Thursday May 1, 2008

Twitterings - April 2008

These are my Twitter entries for April.

  • I have discovered the Skype plugin for Adium (Mac OS X). Skype needs to run in the background, but the look and feel is now all of a piece. 12:40 PM April 01, 2008

  • Bebop had his teeth cleaned today. The vet gave him a mild painkiller shot to keep him from fighting. It also made him VERY affectionate. 01:58 PM April 08, 2008

  • I have co-workers on a conference call. Three of them, scattered throughout the area. I can hear every word perfectly. I hate the workplace. 09:20 AM April 09, 2008

  • A small flock (7 or 8) of white pelicans just circled over my building. Awesome. The Blue Angels in bird form. Air ballet. 11:09 AM April 10, 2008

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