Sunday December 31, 2006

W, X, Y, Z

WordPlay: The Personal Dictionary Meme

(See the game description for further details.)

I thought I should finish in 2006. So, here are W, X, Y, and Z.

W is For...

  • Weblog - I have such fun writing my weblogs. I wish I had known about this wonderful idea so much earlier!

  • Weird - That's me, a little bit weird. I don't mind.

  • Wikipedia - proof that people aren't just couch potatoes and a collaborative encyclopedia project can work.

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Saturday December 30, 2006

Weekly Wrap-ups 2006_45-52


In the time I've been on hiatus, here's a brief rundown of the highlights in my life. ...
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Friday December 29, 2006

Hello, It's Been A While

I've been on hiatus. It's Winter (so I mostly want to hibernate). I have a job that's a 75-minute (one-way) commute by car, train, and shuttle bus. By the time I get home, it's dark, I'm tired (both physically and mentally), and I often don't even want to read my email, let alone write something. ...
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