Tuesday November 15, 2005


If you're interested in web-based bookmark management, take a look at Simpy. I already knew about del.iciou.us (love the name, even if I can never remember how to spell it), but I wanted something with "group" access.

Most of these web-based bookmark managers allow you to keep your bookmarks private or share them with the world. I want to share with a specific group of people. Simpy will let me do that.

Use Groups if you have friends or colleagues or family or classmates or ... and want to share links with them. You can share them via a Group, which can be handy for any type of collaboration that needs to bookmark and/or tag links. Once you create a group, you can invite others to join it. You can invite both people who are existing Simpy members (just use their Simpy usernames), as well as people who are not in Simpy yet (just use their email addresses).
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