Monday November 14, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_45

We had rain last week. There was a good hard evening rain on Monday night — nice to listen to while reading. We also had a terrific thunderstorm a little later in the week! Rich and I are fond of thunderstorms.

I was having trouble focusing on my computer screens. I don't have trouble driving, reading, or doing anything else... and an eye exam plus new glasses would be very expensive. I've adjusted my desk, keyboard, and screens so I'm a bit further away. The physical change is good enough for now.

We took the Scion in for its third complimentary oil change. Its yellow "Maint Req." light had also come on (some 13,000 mile thing) and it needed the tires rotated. Such a good car. No problems. I just love it. ...
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