Wednesday September 14, 2005

Note Studio

Note Studio is a note management application for Palm OS. Now with a desktop client and conduit for Mac OS X!. (There's a Windows desktop version too, if you're into that sort of thing :-)

I first discovered Note Studio at Palm Gear. It looked intriguing but... the desktop app was Windows-only at the time :-(

I've been keeping an eye on it, however and I have to commend the developers. Yes! Note Studio 3.0 now has a desktop app for Mac OS X (10.3)! With a Palm OS companion app and a conduit!

It's a nice little program on the Palm side. It's not bad on the Mac either. It's not _quite_ Maclike but it's a lot better than, say, X 11 or many Java apps.

Now I can stop using all the myriad little applications I've been keeping notes in on my Palm-based handheld and use just one - Note Studio. It even supports Font Bucket under Palm OS (I'm a font nut)

Try it. Don't let the word "wiki" in the description turn you off!!! (It just refers to the way they create new pages). Note Studio is powerful and easy and fun!

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