Wednesday August 10, 2005

License to Shoot

Photos, that is...

Img 0001

I have a new camera. It's about the size of a Zippo lighter (in fact, the case resembles said lighter). James Bond would love it (or so claims the description :-)

I had been looking for an SD-card camera that would work with my Kyocera "smartphone" PDA. I think this is better, however. For one thing, I don't have to pop my memory card out of the Kyocera to use the camera! Also, this is a solid little beastie (at least in its metal case); I'd be somewhat afraid of breaking an SD camera attachment for the Kyo.

The camera uses one AAA battery, can take up to 150 640x480 "hi res" JPEG images, and connects to my Mac via USB. It also has 8 MB of internal storage, a voice record function (12 min max), 30 sec video clip capability, and timed recording mode. Not bad for such a little thing. ... and did I mention it works perfectly with Mac OS X? :-)

The results aren't half bad. I've attached the first image I shot, taken in relatively dim room light at night. It's a bit grainy at full size, much better at half size (as shown here), and really amazingly good for the conditions.

Does this make me a "Bond Girl"? ;-)

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