Sunday July 03, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_26

The weather started out grey and foggy early in the week but it's been pretty and blue for the past few days.

Rich was out of town last weekend. The cats and I snuggled and I read.

I decided to install Visio (under Virtual PC) for The Job. Unfortunately, I don't run Windows much or often (I think it's been two years) and hadn't updated in a long time. Visio insisted it needed the latest Service Pack before I could install. So... It took most of the weekend to get to where I could install Visio. Somewhere in the midst of the updating of Windows, Service Packs, and security patches, something went wrong and it wouldn't boot. I had to start over from scratch. Yuck! The second time I made a lot of intermediate backups just in case (the second time was successful).

I think there were some 70 service packs and security patches in all. Ugh!

Rich bought me a t-shrt at the Apple store. The front says, in small letters:

Air. Water. UNIX.
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