Thursday June 16, 2005

Yellow Arrow - More Urban High Tech / Low Tech

Yellow Arrow calls itself "the global public art project of local experiences", its purpose being "to leave and discover messages pointing out what counts." In simple terms, Yellow Arrow encourages people to attach (with proper permission) yellow, arrow-shaped stickies to physical places - walls, buildings, park benches... even people (there are "yellow arrow t-shirts"). Each arrow has a unique code number.

Participants place arrows to draw attention to different locations and objects - a favorite view of the city, an odd fire hydrant, the local bar. By sending a text-message (SMS) from a mobile phone to the Yellow Arrow number beginning with the arrow's unique code, Yellow Arrow authors essentially save a thought on the spot where they place their sticker. Messages range from short poetic fragments to personal stories to game-like prompts to action. When another person encounters the Yellow Arrow, he or she sends its code to the Yellow Arrow number and immediately receives the message of that arrow on their mobile phone. The website extends this location-based exchange, by allowing participants to annotate their arrows with photos and maps in the online gallery of Yellow Arrows placed throughout the world. For specific instructions click here.


You may see yellow arrows popping up soon in your area. Over 15,000 arrows are currently in circulation — in almost every US state, most Western European countries, and cities large and small around the globe. 300,000 sticky arrows are being bound into copies of a Lonely Planet guide, called "Experimental Travel."

If you want to play, uniquely coded Yellow Arrow™ stickers can be ordered online, at $.50/sticker plus shipping, handling, and NY sales tax if applicable. You can even buy a personalized Yellow Arrow tshirt.

The code is the brand. You own the message. Update it every day you wear it. Yellow Arrow is not just places, it's people.

It's weird. I like it.

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