Sunday May 08, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_18

This has been a wet week. Lots of drizzly days and even some windy lashing rain from the south! We're having a wet spring.

Rich picked up a couple of copies of the Mac OS X 10.3.4 (Tiger) family pack. We've been upgrading machines around the house.

There are some interesting things in Tiger. Spotlight looks cool. Rich has been co-authoring a small developer-oriented e-book on Spotlight. I like the "launch it again" button that appears if an app "unexpectedly quits" and the "More Info..." button in Finder previews.

In doing the upgrades, we were surprised to discover that two of our G3s id not in fact contain DVD drives - one of the perils of buying used equipment. So, after some discussion, Rich went down to CompUSA where he found a dual-layer DVD-Writer for $109 (before a $20 rebate) and a DVD-R (CDRW) for $50. The latter will go into the machine he used for his last contract (and plans to use for the next contract if they ever get the paperwork finished).

Unfortunately, I can't upgrade my desktop system yet because I use that to connect to the Company Intranet from home and Cisco's VPN client is not yet compatible with Tiger. Sigh. One or two of my other must-have apps aren't Tiger compatible yet either. ...
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