Monday April 25, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_16

The weather was fairly stable this week :-)

Rich has been doing a bunch of weed whacking and general outdoor hacking and hewing. He trimmed the escalonia hedge between our house and the next door neighbor. Then he took out a lot of Scotch Broom and removed a bunch of dead branches from the piney woods in the back 40. We've filled the "green" trash bin twice now.

I ordered a set of Oneida Barcelona pattern soup spoons from a restaurant supply place. We used these at a favorite restaurant recently (they've gotten all new flatware) and I really liked them. Unfortunately, what arrived wasn't what I expected. I called customer service for a return and they suggested that perhaps I wanted the "boullion spoon" so I agreed and they sent me those.

The "boullion spoons" arrived later in the week and are pretty much what I had in mind. So now I have 2 dozen nice round soup spoons.

Rich tried some cookery experiments this week. First he tried a yam, chicken leg, and peach "casserole". That one needs some work. Then he tried a chili (I've been joking for years that we never have chili and aren't men supposed to be genetically programmed to be able to cook chili?). The chili turned out pretty good so we wrote the recipe into our "recipes that work" cookbook. ...
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