Monday April 18, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_15

The weather has been generally nice, if windy. :-) There was one very foggy day but the wind blew that all away.

Ricch made a batch of turkey cabbage soup on Tuesday and we've been working through that, often with a salad.

Rich had his annual physical this week. Triglycerides are continuing on a positive downward slope (is that an oxymoron? Anyway, this is good and the doctor is pleased). His blood pressure was also good this time (Rich tends toward "Office high b.p. - high at the Dr's office, normal at home).

We also finished Rich's taxes (and sent the IRS a check), something almost guaranteed to raise anyone's blood pressure!

I took the Scion in for its second complimentary SLOF (Scion Lube Oil and Filter). We got three with purchase. It has 8000 miles now and I still love it. It's absolutely the most comfortable car I've ever driven. The Camry feels claustrophobic by comparison. ...
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