Friday April 15, 2005

Tax Time

"The only two certainties in life are death and taxes"
Mark Twain or Benjamin Disraeli

"The Trick is to stop thinking of it as YOUR money"
attributed to an IRS auditor (Readers Digest, April 2005)

Did you do your taxes? Did you file an extension?

I try to get mine done on or around March 15. That gives me an entire month to suggest, nudge, connive, cajole, inveigle, finagle, persuade, wheedle, plead, and bludgeon Rich into doing his. We got Rich's taxes done and the appropriate paperwork filed by 10:00 pm Thursday, a whole day early this year. Wow.

We use Turbo Tax, a most excellent program from Intuit. Before Turbo Tax (and its predecessor, MacinTax) I'd be a queeping ball of raw nerves around April 15. Now, it's one of those things I'd rather not do, but it's not the high-stress endeavor it once was.


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