Sunday April 10, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_14

The weather has mostly been lovely - cool and clear - with, of course, some rain on occasion. It rained overnight on Wednesday but Thursday was mostly clear. Friday was pretty wet on and off. The weekend was quite nice.

I had to go back to the Job Site on Monday because I forgot something. However, this turned out to have a good side because, as I was opening the car, I heard a funny noise. A crunching sort of noise... Some little underground varmint was eating a stalk of one of the palm-like bushes next to the driveway. Munch crunch, then the stalk would be pulled into the hole a bit more, then crunch munch, pull... I called Rich to come watch but by then I guess the critter had eaten as much stalk as there was and didn't want to eat leaves.

The Painted Lady butterflies are migrating north from Mexico to Oregon and Washington We're on the flight path. Lots of orange butterflies going past. Rich pointed them out to me as we watched the bush.

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