Monday March 28, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_12

The weather was certainly interesting this week! It started raining in the latter part of Monday afternoon, rained all day Tuesday then cleared up until Sunday evening. Sunday night it POURED. The kitties were not happy about that. Much sound of rushing water on rooftops (especially the Lexan screenporch roof). Big kitty eyes. Both Bebop and Raven attempted (unsuccessfully) to look nonchalant.

CircusPonies released NoteBook 2.0 (version 2 of an application I like very much indeed). The look is slightly different. They added several things I've asked for.

I've been discovering the joys of shared iCalendars. I now have three - US holidays, Sabbats & Moon phases, and "fortune cookies" (refresh daily). Unfortunately, DayChaser (a calendar app I like better than Apple's iCal) doesn't handle the iCalendar standard yet, but I'm told it will in release 2.0. ...
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