Sunday March 13, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_10

The weather has been mostly luscious this week. Warm. Sunny. Simply gorgeous. Friday in particular was much too nice to be indoors. The weekend sparkled. And we have two white lilac blooms in the back yard (yummmm). I love Spring.

During the Autumn and Wet seasons, the ornamental plum tree in the back yard became infected with lichen and what looks like spanish moss. I was quite worried for its survival. However, it's fighting back and it's putting out leaves (although there were no blossoms this spring). on Monday morning (before Work) and several afternoons this week, I went out and stripped a bunch of grey-green stuff off the branches. I figure a little bit here, a little bit there, and maybe it will help.

Monday night we drove into the City to a Chinese restaurant we like. We sat next to the fish tank so I could watch the fish. There was a bulgy-eyed black koi and a white one with colors who was picking up gravel in his mouth (eating things off of it?). I especially enjoyed watching the "vacuum cleaner fish" (Bristlenose catfish) who spent most of the meal sleeping but then woke up and roved around the tank, nibbling algae off of everything The most fun was when he was cleaning the tubes for the filter. His little whiskers stuck out on both sides of the tube. But then, it was also fun to watch him go up and down the glass (slurp slurp). ...
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