Sunday March 06, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_09

The weather, once again, has been variable, but mostly clear. The weekend was lovely and blue.

We (finally) went for a walk along the new section of trail nearest our development. We've been for walks but simply hadn't tried out the new section before this.

It was a nice walk and we saw a mule deer in the grass and a pocket gopher zipping across the trail.

Rich has been working on the outline and slides for a talk he's giving on the afternoon of the 10th. He's coined a new word: "editerate".

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time. Support Girl Scouting; buy cookies.

This was a Cinnamon Bread week at the Job. A co-worker lives near a bakery in San Jose that makes the world's most wonderful swirly cinnamon bread. He's started taking orders every now and then. I always buy a loaf when he does this, then eat 1/3 or 1/2 over a few days and freeze the rest to get out a little at a time until the next time. ...
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