Saturday March 05, 2005

Giant Cranes Clear Bridge

At 12:50 this morning

With only five feet to spare, two mammoth cranes weighing 1,500 tons squeezed their way under the Bay Bridge (above) on Saturday. Traffic to the span was completely halted.

Huge cranes clear Bay Bridge by 5 feet on trip to Oakland, SF Charonicle, Saturday, March 5

Rich and I had our usual breakfast at Joe's this morning; we went down about noon. As is customary, Rich picked up a paper. We read that a delivery of giant loading cranes was coming to the Port of Oakland today. The Port of Oakland had a previous delivery in 2000.

The cranes come from China. When they arrive, they must first go under the Golden Gate Bridge, then into the bay and under the Bay Bridge. This can be, shall we say, potentially problematic. The cranes are tall. The water could raise or lower. ...
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