Monday February 28, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_08

The weather was variable. There were some sunny days, intermixed with a lot of rain! That's Spring in the Bay Area.

Monday was a Bank Holiday (as they say everywhere in the World but here). Hoorah! A three-day weekend followed by a four-day week. We went out to brunch; I took a nap. It rained (a nice background for a nap). We even had a little bit of thunder. What a lovely way to spend a Monday.

Tuesday was sunny and warm (as I said, that's Spring). In the late afternoon we drove down to the South bay for dinner with friends.

I installed a new launcher for my Kyocera (PalmOS-based PDA phone). It's called Silver Screen and it's very snazzy. It's even better with the "OS X Mania" theme :-) ...
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