Monday February 21, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up

The weather has been largely wet all week, mostly at night. There was even a thunderstorm alert for SFO although nothing we could see or hear.

For Valentine's Day, I bought Rich and myself a box of Joseph Schmidt truffles (don't eat them all at once :).

Mezzaluna had her annual vetdoctor appointment this week. That was amusing, as often. (I was amused; the vet was amused; I don't think Mez was amused.)

Long day at the Job on Wednesday. I had a "seminar" that went until 1:30, then I was waiting for an engineer to get free to talk to me. I never did have lunch. It turned out when I got home that Rich hadn't had lunch either so we headed into The City to a favorite place that fills up quickly.

We had a moment of financial embarrassment after dinner. Rich reached for his wallet and it wasn't there. The bill was $42 (there were three of us) but I had only $37 and our friend had no cash. Oops. Rich remembered pulling his wallet out of his pocket earlier in the day when he had to pay for parking and sticking it beside the seat. Unfortunately, that was in the other car. Then I recalled that there should be an emergency twenty in the car we'd driven. So Rich went back for the car and what-ho, we were saved.

Better yet, when we got home, Rich found his wallet safe and sound on the seat of the other car. ...
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