Friday February 18, 2005


I have started using a new screenshot utility called SnapNDrag, from Yellow Mug Software. It has a couple of features I really like.

  • It lets me name my files! (No more `Picture 1.pdf').
  • It lets me choose my default filetype! I can use JPEG from the getgo instead of converting the file after the shot.
  • It provides drag and drop ease for storing the resulting file. No more "everything is on the Desktop until you move it").

SnapNDrag includes the (expected) screen, selection, and timed shots (with selectable countdown) as well as shots of a selected window. The app interfaces with two additional products from Yellow Mug, allowing cropping (with EasyCrop) and framing (with EasyFrame). The developers, so far, have been responsive. The apps and the web site are colorful, clean, and well designed.

SnapNDrag is fully-functional freeware. EasyCrop and EasyFrame are shareware ($12 and $15 respectively). ...
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