Sunday February 13, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_06

The weather has been fairly warm all week (to the extent that long-sleeved shirts were no appropriate for the Job. We had some drizzle starting Friday but nothing I'd call "rain".

I got the last of our Majordomo mailing lists moved over to GoogleGroups (beta). No more Majordomo used here.

Rich has installed a copy of FreeBSD 5.3 on a newly upgraded motherboard, etc. As is often the case with such projects, it took longer than expected and caused no small amount of frustration. I helped in some small fashion by coming along on the (last) trip to CompUSA, assisting with some cabling, and (most of all) donating my birthday present power supply to the cause!

The project took up a large part of a day; now comes the part where Rich and/or I start copying files and setting up the software side. ...
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