Thursday February 03, 2005

Listen to This

Did you ever stick a data disc into the computer and try to play it through the speakers as audio? Some friends and co-workers and I did this 15 years ago with the first CD installer of A/UX (Apple's first shipping *nix product ;-) I recall the kernel was most interesting.

Spouse says:

I enjoyed listening to a "shell sort" on the console speaker of a CDC 3800 (back in 1980 or so).

vuooooooooooooooop.    vuoooooop.    vuooop.    vuop.   ...

Well, technology progresses and this sort of thing is no longer just fun and games. A friend recently sent us URLs to two unique (yet oddly similar) products. ...
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Listen to This - posted at Thu, 03 Feb, 16:50 Pacific