Monday February 28, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_08

The weather was variable. There were some sunny days, intermixed with a lot of rain! That's Spring in the Bay Area.

Monday was a Bank Holiday (as they say everywhere in the World but here). Hoorah! A three-day weekend followed by a four-day week. We went out to brunch; I took a nap. It rained (a nice background for a nap). We even had a little bit of thunder. What a lovely way to spend a Monday.

Tuesday was sunny and warm (as I said, that's Spring). In the late afternoon we drove down to the South bay for dinner with friends.

I installed a new launcher for my Kyocera (PalmOS-based PDA phone). It's called Silver Screen and it's very snazzy. It's even better with the "OS X Mania" theme :-) ...
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Sunday February 27, 2005

Treasures 2005_08

"Life ... is haphazard and full of beauties which I try to catch as they fly by, for who knows whether any of them will ever return?"
-- Margot Fonteyn

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, that make me feel happy or thankful or interested. Treasures are memories encapsulated in just a few words. These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • Reading in bed, surrounded by sleepy blobs of kitty fur, all purring softly. Listening to the rain outside and feeling warm and snugly and content.

  • Basil seed drink. Really :)

  • A Bank Holiday (a three-day weekend and a day off from work)

  • Playing with the cats - first a catnip party and then a new featherbird!

  • Flower Power - a fake-flower-encrusted small sedan - flat foam "daisies" on the sides and trunk, a "garden" of artificial flowers on the top. Different.

  • Cheetah photos (link sent by a friend). Awwww. Aren't the babies fuzzy?!
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Saturday February 26, 2005

More Fun With Spam

From a real spam I got today. I could probably enter it in some free verse contest...

Toward, self his help tell. White run king natural. Ride, such still help. Written paper, clock. These family, quick. True before, melody industry bat cost. Million up paint picture laugh appear. Century he tone call star. Though so this, him. Root came first cause bird even.
Wow, Man. That's deep. :-)

Fun With Spam ...
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Monday February 21, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up

The weather has been largely wet all week, mostly at night. There was even a thunderstorm alert for SFO although nothing we could see or hear.

For Valentine's Day, I bought Rich and myself a box of Joseph Schmidt truffles (don't eat them all at once :).

Mezzaluna had her annual vetdoctor appointment this week. That was amusing, as often. (I was amused; the vet was amused; I don't think Mez was amused.)

Long day at the Job on Wednesday. I had a "seminar" that went until 1:30, then I was waiting for an engineer to get free to talk to me. I never did have lunch. It turned out when I got home that Rich hadn't had lunch either so we headed into The City to a favorite place that fills up quickly.

We had a moment of financial embarrassment after dinner. Rich reached for his wallet and it wasn't there. The bill was $42 (there were three of us) but I had only $37 and our friend had no cash. Oops. Rich remembered pulling his wallet out of his pocket earlier in the day when he had to pay for parking and sticking it beside the seat. Unfortunately, that was in the other car. Then I recalled that there should be an emergency twenty in the car we'd driven. So Rich went back for the car and what-ho, we were saved.

Better yet, when we got home, Rich found his wallet safe and sound on the seat of the other car. ...
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Saturday February 19, 2005

Treasures 2005_07

Treasures are positive things that strike my fancy, that make me feel happy or thankful or interested. Treasures are memories encapsulated in just a few words. These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • A lovely lane of pink plum blossoms - driving past the trees planted in the median of the office park where I work.

  • Two puppies I met to pet. I met two different puppies with two different people outside of the grocery store today. One was quite bouncy (on leash) with lovely floppity ears. The other was being carried.

  • Our vet placing Mezzaluna over his head like a furry hood.

  • A pickup truck with a truly snazzy iridescent paint job - redorangecopperbronzebrassgold shading into green highlights. Wow!

  • Such delightfully adorable furry step-in slippers in a store in San Francisco. They looked like frogs (I think they were frogs ;-). They were very soft furry bright green with pink felt tongues and buggy pompom eyes. So very cute and so very fuzzy.
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Friday February 18, 2005


I have started using a new screenshot utility called SnapNDrag, from Yellow Mug Software. It has a couple of features I really like.

  • It lets me name my files! (No more `Picture 1.pdf').
  • It lets me choose my default filetype! I can use JPEG from the getgo instead of converting the file after the shot.
  • It provides drag and drop ease for storing the resulting file. No more "everything is on the Desktop until you move it").

SnapNDrag includes the (expected) screen, selection, and timed shots (with selectable countdown) as well as shots of a selected window. The app interfaces with two additional products from Yellow Mug, allowing cropping (with EasyCrop) and framing (with EasyFrame). The developers, so far, have been responsive. The apps and the web site are colorful, clean, and well designed.

SnapNDrag is fully-functional freeware. EasyCrop and EasyFrame are shareware ($12 and $15 respectively). ...
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Thursday February 17, 2005

The Cosmic Laugh Track

"May your life amuse the gods, Captain," I said cheerfully.
He raised one bushy black eyebrow. "That is not a greeting I have encountered before."
I pointed out that it was a worthy one and asked if he would prefer the hazards of boring them.
"Indeed, when you express the matter like that, then I see the wisdom in it."

      — Dave Duncan in "The Reaver Road"

The gods too are fond of a joke.

      — Aristotle

Rich and I believe in what we call The Cosmic Laugh Track. Some people talk about Murphy's Laws but The Cosmic Laugh Track is much more. ...
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Sunday February 13, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_06

The weather has been fairly warm all week (to the extent that long-sleeved shirts were no appropriate for the Job. We had some drizzle starting Friday but nothing I'd call "rain".

I got the last of our Majordomo mailing lists moved over to GoogleGroups (beta). No more Majordomo used here.

Rich has installed a copy of FreeBSD 5.3 on a newly upgraded motherboard, etc. As is often the case with such projects, it took longer than expected and caused no small amount of frustration. I helped in some small fashion by coming along on the (last) trip to CompUSA, assisting with some cabling, and (most of all) donating my birthday present power supply to the cause!

The project took up a large part of a day; now comes the part where Rich and/or I start copying files and setting up the software side. ...
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Saturday February 12, 2005

My Birthday Present

Proving that I am indeed a techie... and that our definition of "normal"... differs... from that of other people.

Rich and I were at Fry's about a week before my birthday. Fry's is a SF Bay Area institution, a techie hardware store. They sell computers, televisions, hard disks, DVDs, MP3 players, game players, memory chips, potato chips, and a whole lot more,

While Rich was buying RAM, I was looking at the DVDs. Then I came to find Rich and passed something wonderful in a nearby aisle. I found Rich and took him back to look at the Wonderful Thing. ...
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Friday February 11, 2005

Treasures 2005_06

These are my Treasures for the past week.
  • Sleeping in on a Saturday. Waking up surrounded by all four kitties - Bebop by my head, Squirrel at my feet, Mezzaluna playing "furry muffler" (tummy up), Raven in the cat tree penthouse (only his eyes visible).

  • A wonderful catnap. Raven joined me and stayed, curling up in the crook of my arm. He did that a lot before I got the Job but hasn't much since; he comes and snuggles but then he often leaves and goes to sleep in the cat tree. Today he stayed and we slept.

  • Watching Rich petting Raven who consented to stay on his lap for a while.

  • Kitties in the laundry basket.
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Monday February 7, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_05

The weather has been mostly clear. It was a quiet week.

My cousin is a week younger than I am, so I always know to buy him a birthday card when my birthday rolls around (it's difficult to forget :-) This year I found a good one. On the front it says:

This card contains all of the winning lottery numbers for the rest of your life.
On the inside there's a grid of numbers above which it says
Some assembly required.
Coincidentally and serendipitously, the grid contains the numbers from 1 to 45. How convenient.

I wrote in the card: "Keri tells me she's decided to just keep celebrating her 38th birthday. If that doesn't suit (and you don't want to play the lottery), use this card to pick an age to be on any given day." ...
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Saturday February 5, 2005

Treasures 2005_05

"Life ... is haphazard and full of beauties which I try to catch as they fly by, for who knows whether any of them will ever return?"
-- Margot Fonteyn

These are my Treasures for the past week.

  • My Birthday

  • "What did you do for your birthday?"
    "I did a load of laundry and made the bed!"
    "Is that special?"
    "Bebop and Raven helped ;-)"

  • Time spent with Rich and the kitties

  • My friend Ginny's new baby son, a much wanted, hoped for and waited for (if impatiently :-) child. Less than 4 pounds at birth, he immediately took to the idea of food (his kitty brothers will be so proud of him) and went home a week later. Gaining weight, eating like a piglet (Ginny's words) and obviously well-tended by friends and family. Our online group is having a good time viewing pictures. Welcome to the world, Nathan!

  • Two great new feline photography books, one with quotes and one with original poetry. Where Cats Meditate, edited by David Baird, and I am the cat, don't forget that, photos by Valerie Shaff, words by Roy Blount Jr.
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Thursday February 3, 2005

Listen to This

Did you ever stick a data disc into the computer and try to play it through the speakers as audio? Some friends and co-workers and I did this 15 years ago with the first CD installer of A/UX (Apple's first shipping *nix product ;-) I recall the kernel was most interesting.

Spouse says:

I enjoyed listening to a "shell sort" on the console speaker of a CDC 3800 (back in 1980 or so).

vuooooooooooooooop.    vuoooooop.    vuooop.    vuop.   ...

Well, technology progresses and this sort of thing is no longer just fun and games. A friend recently sent us URLs to two unique (yet oddly similar) products. ...
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Wednesday February 2, 2005

Groundhog Day

Kitncarlyle20050202 Happy Groundhog Day! Phil saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter (at least in western PA).

If you're where it's cold and snowy, stay inside and watch a movie. If you haven't seen Groundhog Day (starring Bill Murray) I recommend it. It's one of my favorites and quite fun. It's set in Punxsutawney; they even show good old Phil the Groundhog himself.

I grew up in Pennsylvania. I've been to Punxsutawney. (Yes, that's the name of the town :-) Now I live in California. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, spring begins in February. There's pine pollen on the car in the mornings.

Whether it's spring where you are or you're buried under the snow, I think Carlyle the Kitten has the right idea. Naps!

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