Monday January 31, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_04

The weather was been nice last week although there's been a storm in the Pacific - I kept getting Coastal Flood Watch and High Tide warnings from the weather service.

We did a Perl & Egg Rolls SIG meeting (Perl programmers meet for Chinese dinner) in The City. Good food; nine people. We adjourned for ice cream afterwards (my fortune had said that "joy and contentment lay around the corner" :-) Rich and I split an "apple pie sundae" - apple pie fillng/topping (heated), pieces of "crust" (like shortbread, two scoops of ice cream. yummm. We could make that at home some time!

I had another dental appointment, this time to get the cavity filled ;-( I do that under nitrous. With the noise-canceling headphones and the iPod tuned to my favorite Air Pudding, it wasn't tooo bad. It was kind of funny though; this was the first time I'd used the iPod this way and I wasn't sure of the controls. Always before I've used it via iTunes through the desktop interface! ...
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