Sunday January 23, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_03

Monday was a holiday so this was a short week. I like those ;-)

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. uh oh. I have a little cavity; they're gonna drill it & fill it next week :-( It's very small but they said it's better to fix now than wait & watch. Sigh.

We had dinner Tuesday night at Pasta Pomodoro; they were donating 10% of all sales on Tuesday to the Tsunami relief fund.

The traffic light at the corner was blinking red when I drove in to the Job on Wednesday. This usually indicates a power outage and it did this time. I went back home where there was light and power for the computer. I couldn't get into the company intranet till 3:00 pm (no VPN access) but I could work; I had downloaded the documents I needed the day before. ...
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