Wednesday January 19, 2005

Comment but nofollow

First it was graffiti on walls. Then it was junk mail,. In the "information age" it's junk faxes and an increasing torrent of undesirable offers in our emailboxes. In the past year, there's been a major increase in the volume of a new kind of graffiti junk spam — weblog comment spam (ich).

Comment spam has lately become more than a minor annoyance for the site owner. But, with the help of other members of the weblogging community, we've been fighting back.

One tool, available for those who use Movable Type, is MT-Blacklist, a plugin that lets you easily manage and delete comment spam. I've been using the Blacklist plugin for about a year now; it prevented the need for me to turn off comments entirely. Even better, as of MT 3.*, comments can now be moderated as well. Between MT-Blacklist and moderating, a lot of my troubles have vanished. ...
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Comment but nofollow ( in category WWW ) - posted at Wed, 19 Jan, 18:33 Pacific