Monday January 17, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_02

It rained heavily early in the week, then settled for being mostly grey, except for Wednesday which was gorgeous. There was frost on the rooftops on Wednesday and blue in the afternoon. On Thursday morning we had heavy fog. Friday and Saturday were just grey.

We went to a talk at SLAC on Monday, then to dinner in Palo Alto. By the time we left dinner (about 7pm) there was less traffic (good) but a lot more rain (nasty). It was a bad drive home made worse because we were in separate cars. I was pretty shaky when I got home. I took a hot neck-sock and went to bed for an hour. Then got up and sat in the hot tub, then went back to bed for the night. I'm glad I don't have a regular commute like that anymore.

Tuesday I stopped off at Sears to return a pair of Lands End Marinac boots (these are great boots but I had ordered the wrong size ;-( I was able to get the right size there at Sears. Hoorah. ...
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