Thursday January 13, 2005

IT & Tea - Weblogging Presentation

I attended a presentation on weblogging today. Rich suggested I attend as he couldn't promise a properly complete recap :-)
Speaker: Terry Huwe - Director of Library and Information Resources- UC Berkeley

It seems everywhere you look these days, people are talking and thinking about Blogging. But just how relevant is Blogging? Is it just another "transitional" technology, or is it here to stay? Terry Huwe will explore these questions, covering what Blogs are, how they work, and what their value points are. This talk will explore both the "big picture"--how Blogs fit into the "information ecologies" of today's organizations--as well as the basic technical skills you need to get started. Attendees will learn what the top Blogging products are and how to find out more about them, what's new and emerging in the Blogosphere, and how to make strategic, informed decisions for evaluating Blogging as an information management tool.

The presentation focused on the potential that weblogging has for organizations, such as research organizations, libraries, institutions and corporations, more than individuals. Apparently weblogging has been the hot topic at the last two "Internet Librarian" conferences and the most recent "Computers in Libraries" conference. As Mr Huwe said, weblogs provide fast movement of content to the web without touching a server. "What's not to like?" ...
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