Sunday January 09, 2005

Weekly Wrap-up 2005_01

The first full week of 2005 has been off and on rainy and clear (somewhat more rainy than clear).

Proverbcat B Proverbcat F My new calendars arrived (I was a little late ordering a few of them). My office calendar this year is the Proverbial Cats wall calendar.

We've got a World Wildlife Fund songbirds calendar in the bathroom (pretty) and various other calendars around the house. The kitchen calendar, for the 5th or 6th year running, is Sandra Boynton's infamous Mom's Family Calendar (Who goes Where and When but not Why).

I renewed my drivers' license this week (it expires the end of this month). Because I have renewed twice previously by mail, this time I had to come in for a new picture and thumbprint. I gave myself plenty of time to get there and stand in the check-in. In fact, had so much time that I stopped off at Krispy Kreme (across the street) and bought a dozen pumpkin spice cake donuts (I froze 10 of them when I got home). ...
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